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The School Solution Helping Families: Residential Academic And Therapeutic Options

The School Solution specializes in helping families find educational and therapeutic programs and schools for their child. As a Therapeutic & Educational Consultant at The School Solution, school consultant, Karen Mabie can help families by advocating for their child’s unique needs.

Many parents come to Karen and The School Solution asking about the difference between a therapeutic boarding school and a residential treatment center. Rather than there being a definitive difference between therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers there is actually a spectrum of programs; from highly clinical residential treatment centers to less structured therapeutic boarding schools with the majority falling somewhere in the middle. There are many options to support a range of social, emotional, clinical and learning needs of children and teens. The key is finding the place with the appropriate support for your child, each place is unique in the population they serve and the specific therapeutic support they provide, therefore the match made by The School Solution is critical.

Some of you may be hesitant at the idea of sending your child away for education, or that a boarding school may seem unnecessary. We understand the hesitation some families feel about sending their child away for academic or therapeutic options.  In years past there may have been a stigma attached, but Karen Mabie and the school Solution are here to help open the door to the potential of a better schooling experience for your child or teen! Karen is uniquely qualified to find the specific school environment, therapeutic option and treatment team where that child and family can begin to heal and thrive.

Karen Mabie works with families whose children between the ages of 11 and 26 are still struggling, despite the best efforts of the family and are in need of residential academic and therapeutic options. Karen professionally interviews the family, teachers and treating professionals in order to develop a thorough understanding of the child’s vulnerabilities as well as their strengths. The School Solution believes in focusing on the strengths of our special students instead of their weaknesses; it is from their strengths that we are able to perfectly match and build an individualized treatment plan.

Residential Academic And Therapeutic Options

The School Solution and Karen Mabie provide consultation and placement services for families with a student who is struggling in his or her current academic and/or home environment. Karen has the professional expertise to find the best residential setting nationwide with the appropriate therapeutic, educational support and structure to promote your child’s or young adult’s growth.

There are wide ranges of specialized boarding schools that exist serving junior high through to post-graduate students. Theses residential academic and therapeutic options provide specific support for language-based, social-emotional issues learning differences and disabilities and even addictions. Residential treatment centers tend to provide both a healing academic environment and more serious, focused and specialized therapeutic attention. They are facilities that provide 24/7 care for children with emotional, psychological, and behavioral disorders. These centers can include medication management, therapeutic treatment and appropriate schooling for children with severe mental and emotional issues.

In general, therapeutic boarding schools don’t address urgent challenges as directly as residential treatment centers may do. They tend to be more focused on creating an academic environment, with some healing benefits, with programs that focus on launching young adults into a productive and healthy future.

The School Solution has several specialties:

The School Solution is the number one resource for families seeking help in finding the appropriate residential setting for their child, who is not able to succeed at home despite the best efforts of family. We are experts at uncovering the school or program with the specific educational and therapeutic support that will make it possible for their child to succeed. Karen travels extensively evaluating about 80 schools and programs every year. She also attends at least 4 conferences per year to remain current in best practices for various educational and therapeutic interventions.

As a family you may feel exhausted, frightened and hopeless, but it is not time to give up. There are so many residential options with unique therapeutic and educational approaches; somewhere there is a place for every child to succeed. Karen can find that place.


I have known and worked with Karen for many years and have found her to be a dedicated and insightful professional. Her integrity and ethics are evident in her efforts to help families find the right fit for their child.

- Brad Matheson, Admissions/Partner Wingate Wilderness



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