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Karen Mabie

Founding Therapeutic Educational Consultant



Karen Mabie holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and special education from Vanderbilt University and Master’s and Specialist degrees in Educational Psychology from National Louis University. She is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist, experienced in evaluating and counseling students with learning, social, emotional and behavioral difficulties.

As a professional Educational Consultant Karen is a professional member of the Independent Educational Consultant Association and, as such, subscribes to their ethical guidelines.  She has been elected to the Board of Directors to IECA and served as faculty at their Summer Training Institute, training the new consultants entering the field.

She has earned the designation of “Certified Educational Planner” representing the highest level of professional standards in educational consulting. She is also an associate member of the Small Boarding School Association, and the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs. She attends a minimum of 3 professional conferences a year to understand current research-based practices. Each year she visits no fewer than 60 schools and programs, evaluating their curriculum, staff and clientele. She has been in practice for over 20 years and presents often at conferences on residential treatment, wilderness therapy and therapeutic educational consulting.

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Jennifer Benson

Therapeutic Educational Consultant 



Jennifer has a Master’s in social work from Columbia University and practicum experience at Yale Child Study Center. As a social worker and as a parent of children who required residential treatment, she is uniquely qualified to assist families with adolescents and young adults struggling with learning, mental health, and/or addiction challenges.

With the lens of a parent, she brings empathy, compassion, and understanding to the process and as a Master’s level social worker, she has the clinical assessment skills to evaluate the educational and mental health needs of her clients. Jennifer’s goal is to help adolescents and young adults rediscover their innate strengths and gifts, which may have been masked by social, emotional, behavioral, and environmental challenges. She enjoys working with complex children and family systems, and guiding them towards a path of wellness.

As an associate member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), Jennifer subscribes to their guiding ethics. She is also a member of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP). She attends their and other professional conferences regularly, as well as participates in weekly continuing education lectures.

To ensure that schools and programs are the best fit for her clients, Jennifer personally visits at least 60 a year to evaluate their clinical teams, academics, facilities, students, and parent support services.

Prior to consulting, Jennifer directed communications and advancement for independent schools. She and her husband raised four children in a blended family and are now empty nesters living in Weston, CT with their two miniature wire-haired dachshunds.


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Kelly Betts

Practice Manager




Kelly began working with adolescents over 15 years ago.  She has worked with both adolescents and adults in admissions and professional transition for many programs, always striving to improve the lives of her clients and their families.   Her unique life experience allows for understanding and compassion for those struggling with addiction and/or mental health issues and their loved ones. Her belief in an individual’s ability to heal drives her to leave no stone unturned for those she serves. Kelly has not only served families behind a desk but has been boots on the ground in homes and programs making sure clients are treated with respect and caring. She has a rare view into treatment that benefits the families working with The School Solution.

At The School Solution Kelly supports families through the intake process and works alongside the family and their consultant throughout the placement process. She is also passionate about collaborating with clinical professionals and spreading the word about the unique role that therapeutic consultants play in ensuring that families have access to the best programs to fit their needs.

In her free time Kelly enjoys traveling, hiking, reading, cooking and spending time with family and friends.


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The School Solution

The School Solution support families in finding the best residential school or program for their child or young adult.

We work with families whose child (age 11 to 26) is still struggling despite the best efforts of the family, including intense therapeutic and academic supports at home. At this point the family may feel exhausted, frightened and hopeless, but it is not time to give up. There are so many residential options with unique therapeutic and educational approaches, somewhere there is a place for every child to succeed, we can find that place. We visit and personally and professionally evaluate many schools or programs every year to assess the specific therapeutic and educational supports they provide. We continue to stay in touch with our clients and their programs for at least one year. When making this critical decision it is NOT the time to rely on the internet or word of mouth. These children are too vulnerable. We will professionally interview the family, teachers and treating professionals in order to develop a thorough understanding of the child’s vulnerabilities and strengths. We are uniquely qualified to find the specific school environment, milieu and treatment team where that child and family can begin to heal and thrive.



Through the course of my life I have been asked to write recommendations on behalf of employees, students and business professionals. I don’t need to be asked to write on behalf of someone like Karen Mabie who stepped into our lives and saved the life of our daughter.

- Parent of a daughter



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Thrilled be be on Faculty at IECA's Summer Training Institute- Welcoming Amazing new Professionals to the field! ... See MoreSee Less

Thrilled be be on Faculty at IECAs Summer Training Institute- Welcoming Amazing new Professionals to the field!
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