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Summer School For Trouble Teens With The School Solution

Are you already worrying about planning for a Summer With a Troubled Teen? This is the perfect time of year to start planning for Summer school and summer programs.

If you are struggling with a troubled teen that has had a negative change in academics accompanied by other problematic behaviors they may need more intensive and focused help during the summer months.

There are many benefits of a summer school and a wide range of options from therapeutic boarding schools, behavioral summer programs and even wilderness programs with academic credit options.

Summer school and summer programs can emphasize a teenager’s responsibility, self-examination, and learning positive skills that can help a troubled or behaviorally challenged teen better perform in school, with peers as well as with family members.

These highly structured and supervised environments enable troubled teens to safely explore their issues and build self-confidence and self esteem- while helping with grade and academic recovery.

The Best Summer School Options For Your Troubled Teen

The School Solutions offers some of the best connections to summer school options for teenagers presenting academic as well as behavioral issues by mid year.

Parents who are beginning to see the signs and symptoms of issues with their teens and addiction, social emotional and likely academic problems, have an excellent opportunity to get their kids back on track during the summer vacation months.

Parents are often scared to think about what may happen when the regular routine vanishes, and their teen’s time is no longer filled with school, homework, extra-curricular activities, and all the things that usually keep them busy and out of trouble. But when you have a teenager who has been presenting with significant issues that are not going away they must be addressed.

The good news is that there are actionable steps that you can take to make sure this summer is a positive learning experience for your teenager, rather than becoming the gateway to a dangerous descent into problematic behavioral habits.

You can begin the process of researching and connecting with the best possible fit for your teenager with The School Solution. Residential treatments centers, therapeutic boarding schools, wilderness programs, summer schools, and even volunteer and exchange programs offer a multitude of benefits, such as:

  • Smaller size
  • One to one attention
  • Greater supervision.
  • Rites of passage
  • Growth and coping skills
  • Self-confidence & Self esteem
  • Positive behavior feedback

Therapeutic wilderness programs are one possible outlet for struggling teens who need to catch up on academic credits. Most wilderness camps offer summer sessions. These programs place teens with behavioral or emotional challenges in a new setting, far away from their current negative distractions like video games, TV, and cell phones and drinking or drugs, with round-the-clock supervision. With fully accredited programs, troubled teens can earn academic credit. Here’s the truth; not all students learn in the same way. Some thrive on experience and observation rather than on books and lectures. In the unique outdoor classroom, students can learn with real life experiences.. One positive educational experience can be all it takes to reawaken a teen’s interest in school and get them back on the right track.

Substance Abuse or Mental Health Treatment Program are another option; it really depends on what level of care or intervention your teenager requires. If you consult with a mental health professional and they determine that your teenager needs significant professional intervention, then this may be your first option.

Therapeutic boarding schools offer emotional and behavioral therapy as well as accelerated academics that help students catch up on credits and get back on track for graduation. Students in therapeutic boarding schools actively work toward receiving a high school diploma.

As a parent, it can be hard to know whom to trust with helping your child through this tumultuous time. You can take care in knowing that Karen Mabie is affiliated with the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA). Any member can be trusted to work with your family, address your child’s needs, and help find a proper solution and program. Not to mention, Karen Mabie has many professional affiliations and memberships–such as Learning Disabilities Association, National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs, and more–so you can rest assured you are in good hands!

The School Solution: The Summer School Solution

Finding the best summer school option is all abut the best fit. Let the School Solution help you sort through our options.

The School Solution provides consultation and placement services for families with a child who is struggling in his or her current academic environment. While a wide variety of schools and programs exist, finding the best environment to address your child’s individual needs can be daunting. This work is our specialty.

Many recent studies suggest that teenagers who are depressed, defiant, or under immense emotional distress simply cannot perform well at school – or in life-without help. Troubles in one area of teen life spill over and affect other areas. If teenagers are struggling with friends or home life, there’s a good chance that they cannot function properly in school. In order to address academic problems, and school solutions, parents usually have to intervene in emotional areas first.

There are many choices to support a range of social, emotional, clinical and learning needs. The key is finding the place with the appropriate support for your child or young adult.

Let The School Solution help you. We have the professional expertise to help you make wise, well-informed decisions that can positively affect your child’s future at this crucial time.


Even though we were in a crisis situation, Karen was very enjoyable to work with.

- Parents of son



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