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TSS: Help Finding A School For Depressed Teenagers In 2020

At The School Solution we know from years of experience, that teenagers placed in the right school or program become psychologically safe and therefore more available to learn, heal and grow. In fact, these days there seems to be a very close link between teenage depression and serious issues. The pandemic in 2020 has caused widespread depression for students of all ages, however teenagers are more susceptible. It’s critical for families to be aware of teenage depression as problems with school, relationships and even suicide are making headlines. It has become vital for parents to learn to recognize the signs of teenage depression, and to seek proper care.

One of the most noticeable signs of depression this year is school refusal. It is not uncommon for a teen with depression to avoid or flat out refuse to go to school. Other signs of depression may be the inability or reluctance to wake up and get dressed in the mornings, not doing online classes or homework and skipping classes.  Frequent requests to see doctors, complaints of physical pain and sickness like headaches, stomachaches, nausea, or diarrhea and anxiety are not only cause for concern because of COVID-19.  

Now more than ever having the best school placement for depressed teenagers is of paramount importance. If you are the parent of a depressed teen you may feel exhausted, frightened and hopeless, however it is not time to give up. There are so many options with unique therapeutic and educational approaches; somewhere there is a place for every child to succeed. The School Solution can find that place. 

When A Depressed Teenager Needs Help: The School Solution

Do you need a school for a depressed teenager? Selecting the right school with the appropriate environment and structure, including a supportive and professional staff is a critical decision with lifelong ramifications for your family. This is why the work of an Educational Consultant is so important, and why the team at the School Solution is here for you when your depressed teenager needs help.

Parents feel more secure knowing that their personalized options have been narrowed down to the best possibilities given the individual needs of their teenage children.

There are hundreds of programs available for at-risk pre-teens, teens, and young adults. As one of the highest rated top quality educational consultants we take the time to research/visit the programs, meet with the family and gather the existing data from the professionals working with the family. The team at The School Solution can provide all of the best possible options so families have the ability to make informed, specific decisions on geographic location, program/school type, subtle differences between programs, and costs.

There are several β€œ School Options” for depressed teenagers:

  • Supportive Schools: These schools vary widely in whom they serve and how they can best serve their students. They are small and have a specific structure and professionals to support the students they serve. They differ from Therapeutic Boarding Schools in that they run on a regular school schedule with breaks and do not include family therapy. Finding the place with the specific support your child needs is our work.
  • Boarding Schools:  Not every child feels safe and able to grow in a large public school. There are a wide range of boarding schools available; from large, highly competitive schools to small, specialized, nurturing schools, from junior high to post-graduate.. From small and rustic to large and sophisticated, there is a place for everyone. If you can find the right school, where your child feels valued, true growth can begin.
  • Therapeutic Schools & Treatment Centers: There are a spectrum of programs; from highly clinical residential treatment centers to less structured therapeutic boarding schools with the majority falling somewhere in the middle. They operate year-round with open enrollment and all places include school and, if needed, an opportunity to catch up academically. They also include the family through weekly therapeutic calls, visits, and family workshops. Each place is unique in the population they serve and the specific therapeutic support they provide, the match is critical.

At The School Solution our consultation and placement services provide top-notch matches for families with a teenager who is struggling in their current academic environment. Much time is spent on diagnosing, understanding, medicating and treating specific mental issues. The problem is that teenagers often have both. Our role as educational consultants is to bridge the gap between the educational perspective and the therapeutic perspective. While a wide variety of programs and schools exist for helping depressed teenagers, finding the best environment to address your teenagers individual needs can be daunting. Our specialty is in supporting families and it is the foundation of our success.

To find out more about how The School Solution can help with finding a school for your depressed teenager reach out to us today.


Our capable daughter was struggling in Middle School. We had tried neuropsychological testing, tutors and therapy to no avail. What was going on? Clearly she was frustrated.

- Boarding school parent



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