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Troubled Students in 2020: It’s The End Of The School Year What Next?

As the school year is coming to a close and parents are deciding where to send their teens that have special educational or therapeutic needs next year, school choice is once again at the forefront of many parents minds. Many schools are enrolling now or 2020 fall semester and opening up their Covid-19 updates. Now is an excellent time to enlist the professionals at The School Solution to help prepare you for the next school year.

At The School Solution we have seen firsthand how school choice has positively impacted our students. The School Solution has been working as premiere educational consultants for over 10 years with students who have special needs of many kinds. We have seen our fair share of families who have struggled to find treatment programs or appropriate schools that can meet their child’s specific needs. The School Solution is able to provide an alternative for students with a wide range of special needs – whether physical or developmental – and every student we have enrolled has their individual needs met with a unique individualized education assessment and program from The School Solution team who is here to help them succeed.

Troubled Students Can Succeed In 2020 With The School Solution

With the help of The School Solution troubled students can very well succeed in 2020 despite the rough start they have all had this year. With the help of proper placement, students can readily rediscover their academic and social confidence once again. One of the keys to success in 2020 is reigniting students’ belief in themselves and helping them to begin to experience academic achievement. Many of the most successful programs and treatment centers are utilizing time-tested and proven methods to help troubled students regain self-esteem, learn to embrace their uniqueness and become capable learners who are confident in themselves and their futures.

At The School Solution we believe the best place for a child to succeed is for them to be at a school and in a community where all things that are conducive to supporting educational and social growth and development are present. There are many troubled students who are struggling with substance abuse and other co-occurring disorders. For this group of students there needs to be placement in a school or institution that utilizes evidence-based therapeutic interventions for dealing with trauma, unwanted behaviors, substance misuse, and other diagnoses while providing a normative learning environment to begin practicing learned therapeutic tools.

Every troubled student presents their own unique combination of challenges and history, which is why they typically need an individualized, multidisciplinary approach and a therapeutic framework that focuses on areas of personal growth.

Although students may have previously experienced success in years past it is not uncommon for them to present as troubled students in 2020. Many of the families that have come to The School Solution have troubled students with recent struggles with issues such as:

  • ADHD
  • Learning Differences
  • Academic Struggles
  • Depression Anxiety
  • Low Self-esteem
  • Identity Issues
  • Poor Decision-making
  • Gravitation Towards Negative Peer Groups
  • Adoption Issues
  • Grief and Loss/Post-Acute Trauma
  • Family Conflict and Opposition
  • Mild Substance Abuse
  • Excessive Gaming or Internet addictions
  • Gender fluidity and LGBTQ issues

The School Solution Is Here For You In 2020

The work of an Educational Consultant is so important this year! After all of the major upheavals and uncertainty, selecting the right school, appropriate environment and structure with supportive, professional staff is a critical decision with lifelong ramifications for your troubled student.

As a professional Educational Consultant Karen Mabie can be trusted as a professional member of the Independent Educational Consultant Association. She has been elected to the Board of Directors to IECA and served as faculty at their Summer Training Institute. She has earned the designation of “Certified Educational Planner” representing the highest level of professional standards in educational consulting.

At The School Solution our educational consultation and placement services provide top-notch matches for families with a troubled student who is struggling in his or her current academic environment. Our mission is helping families find the best option for their child to have a healthy and successful future. The professional team of experts at The School Solution is here for you in 2020 to successfully treat and help students live life to the fullest!   For the best educational consulting in 2020 please reach out to The School Solution Today!


I have known and worked with Karen for many years and have found her to be a dedicated and insightful professional. Her integrity and ethics are evident in her efforts to help families find the right fit for their child.

- Brad Matheson, Admissions/Partner Wingate Wilderness



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Thrilled be be on Faculty at IECA's Summer Training Institute- Welcoming Amazing new Professionals to the field! ... See MoreSee Less

Thrilled be be on Faculty at IECAs Summer Training Institute- Welcoming Amazing new Professionals to the field!
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