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Treatment Schools for Teens

Treatment Schools for Teens - The School Solution

Treatment Schools for Teens – The School Solution

Many parents look forward to summer so they can spend more time with their children and possibly take a family vacation. For parents of troubled teens, however, summer may be a time of increased tensions at home, and the prospect of another school year may not offer any comfort.

Whatever issue your teen is facing, you know their struggle is your struggle and it likely affects the whole family. The solution may be a treatment school, but finding the best treatment schools for teens can be an overwhelming and frustrating process. An educational consultant like Karen Mabie of The School Solution can help you find a treatment school for your teen and help get your family back on track.

What are Residential Treatment Schools for Teens?

Deciding to even research treatment schools for teens can feel overwhelming. You may feel guilty for thinking about sending your child away or frustrated because, as their parent, you may feel like you should help them through every difficulty. However, children face challenges that even their parents can’t help them manage, and a specialized school can offer a solution that will help the whole family. Treatment schools for teens vary from clinical residential centers to therapeutic boarding schools.

Residential treatment schools for teens and preteens offer an educational program within a specialized structure, which will include academic classes, individual and/or group therapy, exercise, recreation and may also include chores and learning life skills such as cooking. In addition to therapeutic boarding schools, you may want to look into wilderness programs or specific addiction treatment programs.

Finding the right treatment schools for teens depends on the needs of your child, the types of services each school offers and what you and your family are ready for, both emotionally and financially. An educational consultant can guide you through the process of finding the school that best fits your child’s needs and your goals.

Working with The School Solution

Your teen or preteen may be struggling with addiction, a mental health issue like depression, learning differences or family conflict. In many cases, it’s better for you, your child and your whole family to get professional guidance. Working with educational consultant Karen Mabie of The School Solution can offer you the help you need. She visits over 60 schools and programs every year and knows the culture of each place, so she can match your child with the environment that will best suit his or her social, emotional and academic needs.

With over 10 years of experience as an educational consultant, Karen Mabie has worked with countless families, serving as their advocate and walking them through the process of choosing treatment schools for teens. First, she’ll get to know your child by doing an evaluation of his or her strengths and weaknesses. The School Solution team will then review your teen’s academic records and any treatment evaluations. After taking a full academic, treatment and family history, Karen Mabie will talk with you in person or on the phone to get a better understanding of your family’s needs; she’ll also gather more information about your teen or preteen’s physical, social and emotional goals. The final step is to create a timeline for placing your child in a treatment school. The School Solution has many years of experience working with families to find treatment schools for teens. Contact Karen Mabie to learn more about how she can help you and your family find the right solution.

Contact The School Solution for help taking that first, critical step on the path to recovery and healing for your whole family. Don’t second guess whether this is the right choice. Trust your instinct, and contact Karen Mabie with The School Solution, today, to get the process started. Call us at (847) 242-0865 or email at kmabie@theschoolsolution.com.

There is hope. Let The School Solution help you find the answer!

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I am so grateful to Karen for navigating us through the world of teen help.

- Parent of teen daughter



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