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What is a Therapeutic Boarding School?

For as long as you’ve been a parent, you’ve done everything you could to love, help and nurture your child.

When children reach their teen years, however, they naturally pull away from their parents and spend more time with their peers, even though it’s exactly when they need the most love from their families. Knowing how to continue nurturing teens without pushing them away is a delicate balance, and giving them the help they need is sometimes more than parental instinct alone can manage.

The School Solution helps find a Therapeutic Boarding School for struggling teens

The School Solution helps find a Therapeutic Boarding School for struggling teens

For teens struggling with issues such as addiction, depression, anxiety or ADD, a targeted program can give them skills to deal with their challenges in a positive way and give families the guidance they need. Therapeutic boarding school may be the answer for your whole family. The School Solution works with families to find the school that fits each child and offers exactly what he or she needs. Contacting this educational consulting firm is the first step to helping your whole family get through the teen years.

What is a Therapeutic Boarding School?

When you think of a boarding school, you may have images of boys in suits and ties running around a leafy New England campus or impressions of children being sent away from their parents as some form of punishment. Boarding schools no longer fit these narrow stereotypes.

Families can now choose from a range of traditional and non-traditional academic programs such as therapeutic boarding schools that offer support for students with particular emotional and behavioral challenges. These specialized schools include an appropriate level of structure and supervision for teens’ emotional, physical, social, intellectual and academic development.

Depending on each therapeutic boarding school’s program, placement at the school can range from one to two years. To learn more about the stages teens go through at a therapeutic boarding school, read this article from the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs.

The School Solution Process for Therapeutic Boarding School Placement

The educational consultants at The School Solution will help you and your family determine what is best for your teen. First, we take a full academic, treatment and family history and ask for an intake form as well as school or independent evaluations.

Next, we either meet in person or talk on the phone to focus our school search and gain a better understanding of your child’s physical, social and academic development as well as your goals. Then, we outline a feasible timeline for the placement process.

After these initial steps, we thoroughly review all records, we interview teachers and other professionals who have worked with your child to understand his or her strengths and weaknesses. Once we have all of this information, we identify and contact the schools we feel will address your child’s specific needs.

A therapeutic boarding school can be the solution for teens struggling with a variety of issues. At The School Solution, we work with families whose children need support for a wide variety of challenges including but not limited to the following:

  • developmental disabilities
  • autism spectrum disorders
  • processing disorders
  • language-based learning difficulties
  • oppositional defiant disorder
  • substance abuse problems
  • eating disorders
  • depression
  • bipolar disorder
  • attachment difficulties
  • lack of social skills

To learn more about these various disorders, consult the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Although teens today are facing so many more challenges than teens did 20 or 30 years ago, the resources we have now are much better and more specialized, as well. With resources such as The School Solution available to families, why not reach out for their help? Sending your struggling teen to a therapeutic boarding school may be the only way to help your child reach his or her potential.


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