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The School Solution: Supportive Boarding Schools

The School Solution is available and here to help you with supportive boarding schools for struggling students. Therapeutic educational consultant Karen Mabie owns The School Solution. Karen works primarily with families whose children ages 11 to 26 are struggling despite the best efforts at home. One of the reasons that The School Solution was created was to help struggling students of any kind, find the educational and/or therapeutic institution that is best for them. Boarding schools offer a wonderful alternative to the traditional style of education that simply is not appropriate for some students.

There are so many challenges for teens and adolescents these days. Even as 2020 is drawing to a close, The School Solution has helped teens and adolescents with the current difficulties and situations that have become so problematic, including but not limited to:

• Mental health issues
• Suicide
• Depression/Anxiety
• Weight Disorders
• Addictions
• More

These are all significant issues that can often get in the way of your child’s education and therefore their ability to learn. When parents contact The School Solution, they may be at their wits end, but Karen meets all clients with determination and hope, believing in the success of every student that needs placement. When it comes to finding the right supportive boarding school for your children it’s important to know that you are not alone, and that Karen will help you find a solution. One of the reasons that supportive boarding schools are an option that The School Solution favors is because supportive boarding schools are designed with your child in mind, understanding that some students need a different academic approach. This uniquely tailored approach can make a huge change in your child’s wellbeing and educational experience. This is especially the case for teens who have been deeply affected by world affairs in 2020 and who are struggling with substance abuse, bored with the home school curriculum, or looking for a more specialized prep for college.

There are a wide variety of boarding school options, ranging from small and quaint to large and sophisticated. Here are some of the choices that you can contact The School Solution about:

The College Prep Schools: These are geared towards academically driven students who wish to prepare for the rigors of college life. College prep sets students apart when applying to competitive college programs, and many of them can accommodate to other specifications such as ADD/ADHD and more. These types are: All boy/ All girl, Military, Pre-professional arts, Religious boarding schools

The Junior Boarding Schools: These boarding school options as labeled are for younger students who would clearly excel in a different learning environment during such a crucial developmental age. The search for the right boarding school can begin as early as 7th grade, or even 5th grade for junior boarding schools.

The Therapeutic Schools: These boarding schools are invaluable these days, for students who are suffering from behavioral or emotional issues that can make it difficult to prosper in a traditional school setting, a specialized, therapeutic boarding school may be just the ticket. Even students who are also struggling with substance abuse or labeled as “troubled” can find a proper program here to combat those issues.

The academics of boarding schools challenge students while providing the support of structure. Involved teachers and highly motivated peers provide additional support and encouragement resulting in greater future university and career success. The boarding school experience has helped hundreds of The School Solution students to develop better self-discipline, critical thinking, independence and maturity. Across the board, these are things that they just would not have had with a public or private day school education.

One Of The Best Boarding School Educational Consultants
The School Solution’s area of expertise is in helping families that need specific support for their child. As one of the best boarding school educational consultants we can provide a support network for your boarding school search. And act as your family’s advocates before, during and after boarding school placement.

Who better to ask than someone who has physically been to the boarding schools and can provide all of the information from both sides, including the advantageous steps that can be taken and pitfalls to avoid? I have visited, toured the facility, met the children and interviewed the staff. I have the professional expertise to help you make wise, well-informed decisions that can positively affect your child’s future at this crucial time.

A consultant should have the professional background to fully assess a child’s academic, social and emotional needs and match them with the appropriate setting and staff. We are experts in finding the appropriate fit between a student and a school or program.

The School Solution-Where Families Find Support


I am grateful to The School Solution for supporting the work I did with the parents and the client; I truly felt it!

- Wilderness Therapist



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