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The School Solution: Helping Parents With The Stress

At The School Solution we know how scary it can be for parents who feel like they are buried in research for educational options. Parents can make good decisions, gain peace of mind, preserve healthy family relationships and reduce stress by collaborating with an educational consultant like Karen Mabie at The School Solution. In fact, family harmony during educational research and applications is one of the many positive outcomes of hiring an educational consultant!

 At The School Solution we offer start to finish support and guidance in finding the best possible match for your child. We can take the stress out of the entire research and application process with experienced and effective steps and gentle informative guidance. As a psychologist as well as a certified and trained educational consultant Karen can help parents stay calm even when navigating a stressful process like applying to schools and therapeutic facilities. For parents having emotional support throughout the application process is an important way to relive anxiety, and there is nobody better than Karen Mabie.

Here are some of the ways that hiring an educational consultant can help parents with the stress of educational applications and placements:

  • We are dedicated to highest ethical standards of practice
  • We have a student’s best interest as our primary focus
  • We have visited the schools we recommend
  • We offer an objective perspective of educational, personal and social goals
  • We can asses matches in several areas including academically, socially, and emotionally
  • We provide personal assistance and attention
  • We are more knowledgeable about a he variety of schools and institutions
  • We alleviate the stress, confusion and anxiety of websites, marketing materials, online rankings, and everything on the Internet- including deception

The School Solution has years of experience helping families with the admissions process to private a wide variety of schools and programs including boarding and therapeutic school. We also assist both young adults and teenagers who have challenges – learning, psychological, emotional or behavioral- with placement in academic therapeutic programs, wilderness therapy programs, and other inpatient programs.  Every child, teenager and young adult deserves the most ideal environment in which to develop, learn and grow and thrive. Finding the right path to success for a child is one of a parent’s most important decisions, and almost every family needs help in navigating the many educational opportunities available today.

Easing Stress And Anxiety:  The School Solution Educational Consultants

One of the many things that cause anxiety and stress for parents with troubled students is that they have to search endlessly on the Internet trying to find schools and/ or treatment programs that can help their child. Ultimately, they come to realize that there are thousands of choices and that the enormity of the options means they need help from an experienced specialist. Consultants like The School Solution provide experience, knowledge and objectivity that to help formulate a placement decision during a time that is confusing and stressful for any parent. 

Since educational consultants we have extensive personal knowledge of a wide variety of schools and programs, we know the important criteria and common mistakes to avoid when making recommendations for your child’s placement. As one of the top rated consultants in the country, we have years helping parents to carefully develop a strategy to intervene with their struggling child. We can support and guide families to advocate for the services their child requires and advise them through the maze of complicated procedures, terms, interviews and applications that are encountered in the process of acquiring new schooling and learning about support for their child.  

If you are reading this because you are concerned with your child’s situation and are researching the best options we can help. We know first hand the frustration and anxiety you and your child are experiencing. At The School Solution we are passionately involved with the pursuit of placing children in the best possible environment for their progress and wellbeing. We are interested in working with parents who value expertise and are able to consider professional guidance on what will be a good match for their child. Looking into school solutions for your child, teen or young adult can be an overwhelming process, and one that you don’t have to go through alone.


If you told me on 70 days ago , when my son was transported to wilderness that I would feel so positive just 70 days later….I would have laughed.

- 70 days



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Thrilled be be on Faculty at IECAs Summer Training Institute- Welcoming Amazing new Professionals to the field!
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