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The School Solution Continuing Our Mission In 2020

At The School Solution is has been our mission to transform lives and provide consistent innovative solutions through experienced, and expert educational advice for students, troubled teens and young adults and families. 

The School Solution was founded by Karen Mabie to fill an important need here and abroad, to help guide students and families in finding the best placement. These are challenging times all over the world due t the Coronavirus pandemic and its wide-ranging affect on families and students. Through it all, The School Solution is staying true to our mission to help match students with the optimal setting, whether therapeutic or educational at The School Solution we have seen how well the right school or program can change lives through comprehensive educational planning and innovative, effective solutions. The best school or treatment can make all the difference for a child, adolescent or young adult, and at The School Solution we work tirelessly to fill that important need.

The School Year Continues Despite COVID-19

It’s no surprise that the school year has been greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.  As schools and treatment programs are busily planning and assimilating to the ever changing needs of student and families it’s likely that students will be required to get tested for COVID-19 before returning to any kind of campus in the fall for 2020. It’s also likely that once back in any kind of formal educational or therapeutic setting that students can expect to have regular testing throughout the semester. In fact campuses and treatment centers may mandate some type of contact tracing, or any number of effective strategies to get ahead of the curve and control coronavirus outbreaks as best as possible. Some institutions are discussing instilling daily self-reporting of health information on apps or websites. At the very least schools and program across the country will be requiring students, faculty, and staff to wear face coverings. As with other public places all over the Untied States, The School Solution partnered campuses will be committed to increasing and enhancing cleaning and disinfecting protocols, but the specifics each and every program has yet to be released. 

These are unprecedented times; many people are facing even more financial struggles than ever before, but families should rest assured that financial aid programs and offices are still functioning. Students can still apply to FAFSA to be considered for any federal, state or non-merit institutional funding. The School Solution is always here to help families review financial options to see what are available to help pay for school or treatment expenses. In addition if a family has lost a job or have been affected by Covid-19 it may actually make them eligible for more government money, and if that’s the case it may impact not only loans but also access to the best schools, institutions and treatment centers.

The School Solution For The Best Student Placement

In the world of education and in the ever-evolving school system, much time is spent on evaluating, understanding, remediating and trying to accommodate specific learning issues. The professional educational consultants at The School Solution are here for you to successfully help treat and place students of all ages, so they can be healthy, and succeed.

While student life will look different this semester, most institutions are working diligently to do everything they can to safely serve their students, communities and families. At The School Solution we are continuing in our mission and updating our students and families with the newest information abut placement in 2020. If you have specific questions or need help please let us know. We’re always happy to help! Stay informed, safe and well as you continue to on the journey with us at The School Solution. Together we can get through this and help our student to prosper.

For more information on Karen Mabie and our staff visit our website.


Karen offered us a very professional service which was of great help in finding our son the help he needed.

- Parents of son



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