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The School Solution: Consultants Helping Teens Cope With Change

Everyone knows how out of sync and lost the last year has been for us on a global level. Even for adults it’s been challenging to find the coping mechanisms for a situation that they have never faced before. Teens still have a lot to learn about coping with complex or negative situations, in addition the everyday stress of adolescence. In 2021 it is crucial that your teen can develop healthy, useful coping mechanisms for handling tough situations like a worldwide pandemic and it’s effects on education.

Teens continue to struggle with the stress of peer pressure, social pressures in an online world, or even mental illness. As parents of teens who are having trouble coping with change every day is an emotional struggle for you too. As parents we desperately want to help our teens, but feel like we’ve tried a thousand options. No parent should face that fear alone, which is why Karen Mabie and the consultants at the School Solution are here for you.

Coping With Change: Teens In trouble In 2021

It’s troublesome as it is to continue to cope with the changes in our lives; teens had the added lack of life experience to help them. They need guidance and advocates to help them or they tend to fall prey to some negative coping mechanisms such as emotional suppression and repressing issues internally or avoidance.

In the most distressing situations teens can veer off into dangerous or life threatening thoughts and behaviors. If unchecked these could drastically alter their future. I f a teenager feels like there is no place to go or person to help with their stress or trauma, they are apt to develop some negative coping tactics such as:

  • Escape: withdrawing from society, isolating and immersing in too much time online or with TV, and potentially with mind altering substances.
  • Numbing & Unhealthy Self-soothing: Eating too much, drinking or doing illegal drugs and sex can all become addictions. Extreme self-soothing behaviors are numbing behaviors
  • Risk-taking: daredevils aren’t born overnight, however teens that are in active stress can seek adrenaline rushes through dangerous risk-taking behaviors such as like crime, theft, gambling, unsafe sex, extreme sports or reckless driving.
  • Self-harm & Cutting: Whether it’s cutting, bulimia or substance abuse, it’s self-harm because there is not another way to deal with their stress or mental illness.

The unfortunate reality is that teen suicides have gone up exponentially in the last year. Parents, peers and educational support teams all need to be on the lookout for warning signs. This year we should all be focused on finding healthy ways to cope with change and to restore the well being of our struggling teens.

Helping Teens Feel Heard & Understood In 2021

Every troubled teen needs to feel like there is someone to listen to his or her worries and to acknowledge them as real. Communication with teens can be tricky at the best of times, but with the guidance and advisement of professionals, parents and their children gain better coping skills and understanding for each other through these difficult times. Research has shown that the best coping mechanisms help teens adapt to stressors rather than just trying to ignore or change the stressors.

Although there is no one-size fits all solution, here are some examples of healthy coping mechanisms through times of change for teens:

  • Taking Time to Breathe
  • Keeping Things In Perspective
  • Taking Action
  • Developing Positive Behaviors
  • Getting Professional Support
  • Doing Relaxation Technique
  • Using Humor
  • More Physical Activity

It is essential that teens today have healthy coping mechanisms they can rely on. There are many different environments, mental health resources, services, and environments to choose from when looking into the right place for your troubled teen in 2021. Every teens has a unique set of emotional and educational needs that may greatly benefit from a certain school or program, but how do you find it?

That’s where an educational consulting firm like The School Solution comes in. It is our job as consultants to help you find the best placement for your daughter or son. We are knowledgeable about the many schools and treatment facilities around the country, and are uniquely qualified to find teens the right fit for them. As The School Solution’s owner, it is Karen Mabie’s, mission to personally get acquainted with each and every school she recommends.

When it comes to finding help for your troubled teen time is of the essence. And you are not alone. Call The School Solution today at 848-242-0865, or send Karen an email at kmabie@theschoolsolution.com for more information.


Karen has carefully garnered relationships with outstanding programs, and even individual therapists inside the programs, ensuring a deliberate and effective match.

- Parents of teen girl



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