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The School Solution: Alternative Education For Addicted Teens

It’s no simple task to find alternative education for addicted teens, and it can be tough to navigate through the world of teen help. The School Solution is where families of addicted teens find support and solutions. We can quickly assess your situation and work hard to find the alternative education school that meets your needs.

Alternative education runs the gamut of a wide spectrum of programs ranging from therapeutic boarding schools to highly clinical residential treatment centers with the majority falling somewhere in the middle. These educational options for addicted teens operate year-round with open enrollment. They include school and, if needed, an opportunity to catch up academically. These alternative educational programs are inclusive of the family through weekly therapeutic calls, visits, and family workshops. Each place is unique in the population they serve and the specific therapeutic support they provide, which makes the best match of critical significance.

Help For Addicted Teens: Get Your Teen Back On The Right Track

The state of affairs in our world today has led to an alarmingly high number of addicted teens. From gaming and social media addictions to drugs and alcohol and self-mutilation addiction, teens have a myriad of influencers for getting off track and onto a path of destruction. But there is help out there for addicted teens, with many choices to support a range of social, emotional, clinical and learning needs. The key is finding the place with the appropriate support for your teens and their specific situation and that just so happens to be our specialty at The School Solution.

The School Solution is the educational consulting practice owned by Karen Mabie who has extensive experience working with addicted teens and their families. Karen can work with teens and families with less pronounced difficulties, who are attempting to locate a boarding school that will best meet an addicted teens academic, social and – in some cases – psychotherapeutic needs. A wide range of unique boarding schools exist that serve ages ranging from junior high school to post graduate students. They are small and have a specific structure and professionals to support the students they serve. They differ from Therapeutic Boarding Schools in that they run on a regular school schedule with breaks and do not include family therapy. In some cases this may be all that is needed to take your addicted teen out of a dangerous situation and to get them back on the right track.

There are other more intense situations that call for an alternative solution for addicted teens. When a teen is engaging in destructive behaviors (e.g., drug or alcohol abuse; school refusal or failure; suicidal ideation or gestures, etc…) and outpatient treatment reaches a standstill, The School Solution has proved to be an invaluable resource to families attempting to locate the most appropriate residential treatment and educational option for their child. Wee can help place your teen in the best possible therapeutic boarding school or clinical residential treatment center, where your teen will get the attention they need in an environment that will foster healing, change and growth.

Alternative Education For Addicted Teens With The School Solution

 Addicted teens are experiencing a life that is alternative to those of their cohorts and therefore they explicitly need an educational solution that is “alternative”. Somewhere out there is a place for every teen to succeed, and Karen Maybie can find that place. Karen visits schools and programs on a regular basis, sometimes evaluating over 60 programs year. She has personal evaluations assess the specific therapeutic and educational supports they provide and enable her to have a wide and extensive network of solutions for her clients.

Karen is intuitively adept and capable of selecting the appropriate program and even the “best” therapist for a particular teen. With her genuine “no nonsense” yet caring approach, Karen has succeeded where other consultants have failed to engage a family and place a student. She follows the teen’s progress through a confusing time as they embark on a new journey, as well as the progress of their often bewildered, frightened and anxious parents.

For help with your addicted teen do not hesitate to get in touch with us:

PHONE: 847.242.0865
FAX: 847.835.0345
EMAIL: kmabie@theschoolsolution.com



I have known and worked with Karen for many years and have found her to be a dedicated and insightful professional. Her integrity and ethics are evident in her efforts to help families find the right fit for their child.

- Brad Matheson, Admissions/Partner Wingate Wilderness



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