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Karen has carefully garnered relationships with outstanding programs, and even individual therapists inside the programs, ensuring a deliberate and effective match. She continues to educate herself to stay current and relevant in this fast changing field. Most importantly, she understands both the parent and the child.

The resources we have locally were (and continue to be) inadequate for the serious problems our daughter was having and our family was enduring. Ms. Mabie’s straightforward perspective lead us down a path we had no idea existed. Within thirty minutes of our interview we knew everything was going to change. She knew the story before we even finished it, which told us we had found someone who knew a way out of the stress, fear, and uncertainty that had paralyzed our family. We trusted Karen’s wisdom and recognized immediately that we might have hope for ourselves and our daughter if we chose to follow her guidance. We didn’t realize how dramatic the shift was going to be, but we understood we had to do something radical and she helped instill confidence in our decision.

We can say without hesitation that the last two and half years have been nothing short of transformative. At times it seemed like it was only painful and frightening — but now, we are reaping the rewards of peace and hope. Our family dynamics underwent a massive retooling and our marriage has been transformed. We could not have done it without Karen’s guidance and for that we are forever grateful.

-Parents of teen girl