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Through the course of my life I have been asked to write recommendations on behalf of employees, students and business professionals.  I don’t need to be asked to write on behalf of someone like Karen Mabie who stepped into our lives and saved the life of our daughter.  We were at a critical point due to tragic circumstances and so close to the problem and so emotionally involved we couldn’t tell if the decisions we were making were right or wrong.  We called Karen and within a week our daughter was placed in highly specialized program with a therapist that was probably the very best person in the country.  Within 4 months due to the rapid progress our daughter made at this program  Karen advised us to place our daughter at a residential treatment program.  Again, this placement was excellent and our daughter felt safe, was healing and based on the advise again of Karen in conjunction with the team of professionals at that school our daughter was able to advance again.  Ten  months later she advanced again and was accepted into a therapeutic boarding school.  All of the treatment centers and schools recommended by Karen have worked out for our family. The child we have now has become strong and gained back her sobriety, her self esteem, her faith, her courage and her life. This catalog of events sounds so cut and dried but what was done by Mrs. Mabie went beyond just the placement of our child. There were the many calls we had with her at unbelievably critical and painful moments when her sound psychological counseling and compassion went above and beyond the call of duty.  There are many educational consultants out there as I have learned from meeting other parents at the schools but few of them have been as fortunate as we have in working with someone this knowledgeable, professional and compassionate.

-Parent of a daughter