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What About School? Education for a Teenager Struggling with Drug Abuse

What About School? Education for a Teenager Struggling with Drug Abuse - The School Solution

What About School? Education for a Teenager Struggling with Drug Abuse – The School Solution

Teenage years are known to be some of the most emotionally challenging years of a person’s life. Starting high school, coping with hormonal changes, experiencing new friendship dynamics, dating…the list of stressors are endless. All teenagers have ups and downs and may have periods of heightened stress. However, if you’ve been noticing sudden changes in mood and behavior, it could be more than just puberty. A teenager struggling with drug abuse requires special attention.

One of the biggest indicators that your teen may be struggling with drug abuse is sudden changes in personality. If your once energetic child is suddenly withdrawn, depressed, fatigued, or hostile, it could mean something is going on. It’s easy to overlook these changes, and they could be nothing, so it’s important to look for other signs.

Other signs that your son or daughter may be struggling with drug addiction include:

  • Changes in who they hang out with
  • Decline in academic performance and/or attendance
  • Loss of interest in favorite activities or hobbies
  • Changes in eating or sleeping
  • Secretive behavior

The Harsh Truth

Repeated drug use changes how the brain works. In brains that are already in the midst of changing, drugs can wreak havoc. Important areas like decision making, learning, memory, and behavior can be affected when your teen is using drugs.

It is important to remember that drug addiction is an illness, not a moral issue. You may be angry, disappointed, and upset with your son or daughter, but it is your empathy that will get them the help they need. This is the time to remove them from their usual environment and get them real and life saving help.  

Schools for Drug-Addicted Teens

Sometimes, rehabilitation and other therapeutic options just aren’t enough. School is where teens spend most of their time. It’s probably where they were introduced to the friends who, in return, introduced them to drugs. For this reason, it is imperative to get your son or daughter out of the environment that brought them to this dangerous point.

Teens have the ability to say no to drugs, but for a teenager who is struggling with addiction, saying no is much harder. It can be an uphill battle to seek help outside of school but know that every day, they are facing the same temptations that you are trying so hard to eradicate.

Because of this struggle, it is important to consider schools for drug-addicted teens. There are schools that specialize in providing education to drug-addicted teenagers. These schools understand addiction and know how to truly help your son or daughter in a more individualized way.

The School Solution

When it comes to finding the right school for your teenager, The School Solution is here to help. When Karen Mabie founded The School Solution, she made it her mission to help struggling adolescents find the educational program that is best for their individual needs. She understands that finding the right school is vital for a teenager’s wellbeing. Issues like drug abuse often interfere with the crucial time in your child’s life when their brain is developing, and educational intervention is of the utmost importance.

Karen Mabie, a professional Education Consultant and board member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association, personally visits over 60 schools per year in order to evaluate the therapeutic and academic services that they have to offer. Her extensive experience in educational psychology and consulting equip her with the tools needed to find a perfect fit for each student that comes her way.

Our Process

When parents of a struggling teenager contact The School Solution, they may have run out of resources and perhaps even energy. Karen meets all of her clients with a non-judgemental, structured, and determined approach, believing that every child can thrive if given the right environment.

After speaking with family members, teachers, and mental health professionals, Karen and the other highly renowned staff members of The School Solution use this information to determine the child’s needs and strengths. Equipped with this information, Karen then compiles a list of educational options that would best suit your son or daughter. Together, you will make an informed and confident decision.

No Time to Lose

For an addiction-prone teen, education is of the utmost importance. In this crucial time in their life, there is no time to lose. It is time to get them the help they need, in an environment that will ensure their safety and growth. Contact The School Solution today to learn more about how we can help you and your child. You are not alone.

Call The School Solution today at 847-242-0865 or email Karen. There is a place for your child, and we can help you find it.

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Karen is a terrific educational consultant and advisor to help our family find options for my challenged teenager.   She has identified key issues, drivers and important resource requirements for my son, with excellent clinical insights.  Karen’s information intake process, reflections and engagement processes helped find options for my son, align disagreeing parents and integrate others…

- Mom of Teenage Son



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