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Support For Families In 2021: The School Solution

As we continue to roll through 2021 many families and caregivers are questioning how to help their children stay healthy, safe and academically on track. Many parents are trying to cope with adolescents and teenagers who are really struggling both academically and personally.

At The School Solution we know that if a child is struggling, then the family is struggling too. As educational consultants we are determined to help parents of troubled students find the right therapeutic educational program or school as it is one of the most important decisions parents will ever make. The only solution for struggling students is for things to change, and change is only possible if we can support the entire family through the process of change.  As parents we experience the many joys and challenges of parenting. But when faced with new challenges it may be impossible to face and tackle them without the proper guidance and resources.

The most important change we have made is that every family has a parent coach and 3 remote parent coaching sessions. Our specialists have worked for residential treatment centers and even developed, implemented parent programs. Our team is committed to helping families identify their patterns, explore generational burdens and heal collaboratively. In addition to Karen Maybe we have team that include a trained interventionist, Internal Family Systems therapist, and a trained narrative therapist.

Finding the right therapeutic and educational fit is almost impossible without the professional help from advocates like The School Solution. The School Solution has been supporting families for over 10 years and owner Karen Mabie is sought after as a valued presenter at conferences on residential treatment, wilderness therapy and therapeutic educational consulting.

Every year Karen visits no fewer than sixty various schools, boarding schools, therapeutic school and treatment programs. She is evaluating their curriculum, staff and clientele in order to best support families who come to the school Solution for assistance.

Educational Consultants Supporting Families In 2021

Even though in the past educational consultants primarily gave support for families looking for the right college or university for their child, in recent years the area of expertise has expanded into the arena of specialized educational needs for troubled students. Families need support finding and matching their child with:

  • Therapeutic interventions/treatment
  • Therapeutic Boarding School Placements
  • Special needs/ disability boarding schools
  • Short-term schools or programs
  • Residential options for underachieving, self-destructive children.
  • Wilderness and outdoor programs
  • Substance abuse treatment.
  • Aftercare/ transitional living for teens and young adults.

 As “Educational Consultants” The School Solution is dedicated to the entire process of “family advocacy”. Many parents and families needed support and help with healthy trauma processing in this last year of upheaval. It became an opportunity for families to work on making a plan for using the Internet, social media, and challenging kids to unplug themselves sometimes and exert their own tech self-control.  

In our practice and our website we have evolved with the express purpose of supporting families. We have many resources for families available for anyone who needs them, including a resources tab where you can find: Books, Articles, Links, Educational Attorneys, and Insurance Advocates. It is important that families receive any possible financial assistance that they can, and we want to be a resource for that assistance. As of last year families were finally getting some insurance reimbursement for Wilderness Therapy.

Help Finding The Right Place For Your Child In 2021

At The School Solution we know that parents who use an educational consultant to help find the perfect school or program for their child saves them from wasting money, time, disappointment, and more stress. You never hear of parents wishing that they had forgone using the best educational consultants, because placing your child in the wrong school or situation can be emotionally and financially devastating.

Let this year be brighter and more successful with the extra support for families from The School Solution’s team of experienced specialist. Call or email us for more information on how we can offer support for your family.


Karen is a terrific educational consultant and advisor to help our family find options for my challenged teenager.   She has identified key issues, drivers and important resource requirements for my son, with excellent clinical insights.  Karen’s information intake process, reflections and engagement processes helped find options for my son, align disagreeing parents and integrate others…

- Mom of Teenage Son



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Thrilled be be on Faculty at IECAs Summer Training Institute- Welcoming Amazing new Professionals to the field!
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