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How to Avoid the Summer Slide

How to Avoid the Summer Slide - The School Solution

How to Avoid the Summer Slide – The School Solution

What Is the Summer Slide?

You may have heard of something called the Summer Slide. This is the period of time when summer vacation rolls around and teenagers stop developing the skills they’ve just learned in school. Math skills may slip quickly, and important reading time is often replaced by video games and social media.

The start of the summer can be a particularly risky time for a teenager that is already showing these warning signs. With less responsibility, extra-curricular activities, and schoolwork, bad behavior is, unfortunately, more likely. This extra time on their hands can quickly lead to dangerous decisions.

For parents with jobs and other commitments, it can be terrifying to think about your child being home alone all day and unsupervised. The stress of this can affect the whole family. You don’t want your child to continue down a troubled path, but how do you prevent that when you’re not home? Luckily, you are not alone in this fear, and many others have faced it. There are solutions, and hope still remains.

Is My Teen At Risk?

Being a teenager isn’t easy. High School years are known to be some of the most challenging and tumultuous years of a person’s life. Hormonal changes, new social situations, and peer pressure are just a couple of things that can affect a teen’s emotional well-being. Most teenagers suffer from stress and emotional fluctuation. Some teens, however, may react in unhealthy ways.

A troubled teenager will start showing behavioral and emotional changes that are noticeably different from their peers. If your son or daughter is showing dramatic changes in their character, they may be at risk. Some signs to look for are as follows:

  • Changes in School Performance: If your teen is usually a good student and suddenly their grades are plummeting, take note. Although grades can suffer from harder classes, you know when your child should be doing better than they are. Skipping school or getting in trouble with teachers is likewise cause for concern.
  • Dramatic Changes in Friend Group: Friendship changes are a natural part of being a teenager, but if these changes occur suddenly or your child tries to hide it, this could be a sign of something greater.
  • Behavioral Changes: If your teen has begun lying or disobeying rules that they used to adhere to, there is probably an underlying issue at work. Lying about whereabouts, friends, and activities are behavioral signs that they may be engaging in dangerous behavior behind closed doors.
  • Changes in Appearance: Our style changes as we do, and it is not uncommon for a teen to change their hair or clothing choices. But if your teen is exhibiting signs of extreme weight gain or weight loss, self-harm, or other concerning appearance changes, you may want to take a closer look.
  • Emotional Changes: A difficult attitude, desire for privacy, and a fair bit of angst are all common traits in teenage years. However, if your teen is showing signs of depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and/or sleep issues, this is cause for concern.

Summer School Options for Troubled Teens

Even if the traditional school structure isn’t ideal for your teen, that does not mean they won’t benefit from a summer schooling experience. The routine, positive experiences, social activity, and education that summer schools provide can point your child in a healthier direction and take the worries off of your mind. When it comes to weighing your summer school options, it may be helpful to talk to an educational consultant.

Finding the Right Fit with The School Solution

The difference between a traditional school and a summer school for troubled teens can be immense. A negative experience can cause your child to rebel even harder, while a positive one can change their life. Finding the right fit for your son or daughter is our top priority at The School Solution.

Karen Mabie is an expert in her field, and for the last 10 years, she has worked tirelessly to provide the best solutions for troubled students and their families. As a professional Education Consultant and board member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association, Karen visits over 60 schools per year in order to evaluate the therapeutic and academic services that they have to offer.

After speaking with family members, teachers, and mental health professionals, Karen and the other members of The School Solution team will gain a deep understanding of your child’s needs and strengths. Equipped with this information, Karen then compiles a list of educational options that would best suit them.

Together, you will make an informed and confident decision about which summer school is perfect for your teenager and their unique set of needs.

Don’t Wait for the Summer Slide

In these vulnerable months, there is no time to lose. Summer is the most crucial time to get your teen the help they need. Provide them with an environment that will ensure their safety and growth this summer.

The solution is out there. Contact The School Solution today by phone or by sending an email to Karen to learn more about how we can help you and your child.

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“Karen’s depth of experience and knowledge of this industry is extremely valuable especially if you have a complicated and “tough to place” child. Karen has helped us enormously with our child’s placements and he is currently doing very well. We are very hopeful about his future. Thank you Karen!” KM

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