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Summer School for Troubled Teens

Summer School for Troubled Teens - The School Solution

Summer School for Troubled Teens – The School Solution

Most people look forward to summer. Longer days, trips to the beach and barbecues are often the hallmark of this season, but for families with troubled teens, summer can feel like months of uncertainty and conflict stretching before them. Even if a traditional school setting isn’t the best fit for your troubled teen, at least there’s a structured routine, and you know where your child is every day. Having months of unstructured time can be dangerous for teens who can’t find their way, and the stress can affect the whole family. For these families, a summer school for troubled teens can make the difference between struggling through the summer and thriving during their school vacation.

Avoiding a Summer “Break”

Some children do well with unstructured time and thrive during the long summer break from school. For troubled teens and young adults, however, not having a structure can be challenging or even dangerous. While you may think your teen is experiencing standard teen angst, there’s a difference between typical challenges and potentially harmful ones. Here are some of the signs of a troubled teen:

    • Withdrawal from family and friends
    • Increased anger or irritability
    • Loss of interest in usual activities
    • Changes in behavior
    • Changes in sleep patterns, i.e. sleeping a lot more or less
    • Changes in eating habits
    • Changes in school performance, i.e. drop in grades
    • Changes in friend group

Read more about signs of a troubled teen. If you feel your teen is troubled, then you’re probably dreading the summer months. You may know or fear that an entire summer without the structure of school or a regular summer job would be detrimental to your teen. How are you supposed to know where he is or who she’s spending time with? How can you keep your child safe? You may want to find a summer school for troubled teens, but the options can feel overwhelming.

An educational consultant can guide you and your family through the process of getting the help for your child that will have a positive and lasting impact. Karen Mabie of The School Solution visits more than 60 schools and programs every year, so she’ll be able to match your child with the program that’s best for him or her. An internet search lacks the personal touch The School Solution offers when making such a critical decision that will affect your child and your whole family.

Finding the Right Summer School

A summer school for troubled teens may offer different types of programs or be focused on a particular therapeutic approach. Working with Karen Mabie and her team at The School Solution can help you find the right one for your child, based on what he or she is struggling with. For example, one summer school may have a greater focus on treatment for addictions and therefore include individual and group therapy and educational counseling while other programs may not offer counseling on-site. For some troubled teens, a work-based program that features hands-on, outdoor work is the perfect fit. These programs focus on building self-esteem and teaching skills in conjunction with providing clinical therapy. Read one family’s account of summer treatment camp.

No matter what your child is struggling with, it’s often better for you, your child and your whole family to get professional guidance. Working with educational consultant Karen Mabie of The School Solution can make the difference between continuing to suffer through conflict at home and helping your child learn skills to face their troubles. Because Karen Mabie visits over 60 schools and programs every year and knows the culture of each place, she can match your child with the environment that will best suit his or her social and emotional needs.

Over the last 10 years, Karen Mabie has guided families to select the best summer school for troubled teens. She is your advocate every step of the way. First, she’ll get to know your child by doing an evaluation of his or her strengths and weaknesses and then will review your teen’s academic history and any treatment records. Then, Karen Mabie will talk with you in person or on the phone to get a better understanding of your family’s needs; she’ll also gather more information about your teen’s physical, social and emotional goals.

The School Solution team has a wealth of experience working with families to find summer schools for troubled teens. Contact Karen Mabie today or call to learn more about how she can help you and your family find the right summer school solution. Connect with The School Solution on Facebook and LinkedIn and sign-up for their blog & newsletter.



Even though we were in a crisis situation, Karen was very enjoyable to work with.

- Parents of son



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