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Top Special Education Schools and How to Find Them

Top Special Education Schools and How to Find Them - The School Solution

Top Special Education Schools and How to Find Them – The School Solution

Each child is unique. Even though children go through certain stages or reach developmental milestones, how they get there and how they experience these changes can vary widely. For children with special needs, reaching these milestones can be a struggle for themselves and their families as they may need more support than their school or community is able to provide.

Whether it’s due to lack of resources or lack of demand, mainstream schools may not be the right place for some special needs students. For these children and their families, special education schools can make the difference between kids merely surviving in school and thriving.

Special Education Schools

Every parent wants what’s best for their children. Figuring out what that is and how to provide what each child needs can be a frustrating, disheartening experience. After all, children don’t come with manuals. A child with special needs may not be well-served by a traditional school and may need to attend a specialized school to address his or her specific learning profile.

Special education schools serve children with behavioral, mental health, medical, learning or intellectual challenges. In most cases, each school will specialize in terms of the types of challenges they address. Programs may be day schools or residential, and the staff will be trained in the relevant special needs areas of the students. For example, a school for children with autism may include sensory integration therapy, social skills training, Applied Behavior Analysis and various other interventions. In addition to specialized programs, special education schools have smaller classes, a lower student-to-teacher ratio and a more structured learning environment than traditional schools. Learn more about school services for special needs children.

The School Solution that Works

Finding the right school for your child can be difficult, and sorting through all the information available on special education schools can be overwhelming. At The School Solution, we visit over 60 schools every year, so we know not only the curriculum of each school, but also how the school’s mission and its students shape the environment. By visiting these schools and carefully placing students at them, we gather information about special education schools that you can’t simply get from the internet.

Karen Mabie, who is the owner of The School Solution and a Therapeutic Educational Consultant, works with families whose children are struggling, despite their family’s best efforts. She helps parents who may be at their wits’ end, feeling hopeless and frustrated about how to best help their special needs child. In particular, Karen Mabie works with families whose children have:

  • language-based learning difficulties
  • nonverbal learning disabilities
  • Asperger’s Syndrome
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • developmental disabilities
  • ADHD
  • ADD
  • math disabilities
  • dysgraphia
  • visual or auditory processing disorders.

In the United States, the number of students with special needs has recently increased. Learn more about nationwide trends in special education and among children with special needs.

For more than 10 years, Karen Mabie has seen the changing landscape of special education schools, so she knows what resources are available for your child. She and her staff are qualified to find a school that’s the right fit for your child, based on his or her learning challenges. When working with families, Karen professionally interviews the family, teachers and treating professionals in order to develop a thorough understanding of your child’s vulnerabilities and strengths. She’ll also review your child’s records, including those from teachers and therapists.

To help you define your goals, you’ll speak or meet with Karen Mabie after she’s taken your child’s full academic, family and treatment history. The final step of working with an educational consultant is to create a timeline for placing your child in a special education school that will best address his or her needs. Karen continues to stay in touch with her clients and their programs for at least one year.

If you’re at a point where you know a traditional school environment is unable to serve your child, but you don’t know what environment will work, contact Karen Mabie for help. One of the best ways you can support your children is by giving them opportunities for educational success. Karen will guide you through each step of this important process and will find special education schools where your child can thrive.

Call The School Solution today to find the best treatment schools for teens: 848-242-0865, or send Karen an email at kmabie@theschoolsolution.com for more information. Connect with The School Solution on Facebook and LinkedIn and sign-up for their blog & newsletter.



Karen offered us a very professional service which was of great help in finding our son the help he needed.

- Parents of son



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