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The Best Schools for Drug Addicted Teens

The Best Schools for Drug Addicted Teens - The School Solution

The Best Schools for Drug Addicted Teens – The School Solution

Being a teen is a challenging time for both teens and parents, especially if you have a drug addicted teen. At times it can seem that all the necessary supports are there, but the addiction looms heavily. The teen’s choice to continue drug abuse is devastating, chaotic, disappointing and tiring. Progress seems like it can never be made as long as your child stays addicted. It can feel like there is nothing left to hope for, but giving up means resigning to the idea that all is lost. With the help of The School Solution, all is not lost.

Presently, over 20 million Americans over the age of 12 are struggling with non-tobacco related drug abuse. Of those addicts, ninety percent of them began drinking, smoking, or using illicit drugs before the age of 18.  Rates of drug abuse are reported highest among ages 18-25.

There are so many families affected by a teen’s personal choice to engage substance and alcohol abuse. So what is it that informs that personal choice? According to drugfree.org , there are eight reasons teens choose to try alcohol and drugs. Those reasons include:

    1. Other people: Not only peers but parents and family who drink and smoke cigarettes or tobacco.
    2. Popular Media: TV, movies, and video games normalize drinking and smoking.
    3. Escape and Self-Meditation: When a healthy outlet or trusted confidant is not available, substances can offer solace.
    4. Boredom: Chemicals and substances fill the void of loneliness or inability to entertain oneself, as well as offer a way to bond with other teens.
    5. Rebellion: Each substance and chemical can offer different ways of rebelling and coping, catering to anger and aggression, avoidance, escaping, and independence.
    6. Instant gratification: Drugs and alcohol offer a rapid response and short-cut to better moods.
    7. Lack of confidence: Substances offer the “liquid confidence” that insecure teens may lack.
  • Misinformation: Peers tend to glamorize the effects of the drug, while ignoring the short-term and potential long-term effects drugs and alcohol can have on their lives.

There are plenty of teens who have been provided for but choose peer influence and the “benefits” of drugs anyway. This can be hard to reconcile with all the work you have put in as a parent to prevent poor decision-making. Coming to those crisis points, know that you are doing your best by seeking out help and redirecting your teen. Your dream for your child may have been compromised, but that doesn’t mean your teen’s opportunities are null. The choice to pursue alternate forms of education is available, but knowing where to start is overwhelming. Have you considered the advantages of working with an Educational Consultant?

As an Educational Consultant, Karen Mabie is an expert at finding the most appropriate fit between a teen struggling with addiction and a school or recovery program. Through her consulting firm The School Solution, Karen meets your family right where you are and provides personal and doable solutions. Karen has the dynamic combination of being insightful, trustworthy, firm yet compassionate, and determined to find a solution that sticks. The School Solution is reputable for navigating families through crisis and finding a program or school that truly works, even after other programs have failed. Karen and her team are a successful resource for families, and continue to be sought out by therapists, educators, and pediatricians all over the United States.

For you and your teen, the intake process at The School Solution is simple. Karen and her team will have you complete an intake form that includes family, education, and program history.

When the paperwork is complete, the next step is to have an introductory meeting or phone call. During this time, Karen gets to know your family and your teen to refine the search and find the best fit by discussing the physical, social, emotional, and academic development of your teen. Together you will discuss some goals and expectations for the future while developing an appropriate timeline for the placement process.

After reviewing the records, Karen goes through a careful vetting process with therapists, professionals, and educators. Discerning your child’s needs, strengths, and weaknesses the screening process helps organize the next steps going forward with the perfect match for your child and your family. Karen personally visits all the compatible sites and meticulously discerns which ones would be the best match with your teen.

Once the plan is set in motion, families report an immense sense of relief and great joy as they begin to see the teen experience personal success. That success radiates into the whole family structure, evolving into a healthy and worthwhile future for everyone involved in the life of that teen. As you hope for a more permanent solution for your child, The School Solution is the place where your teen can find life again. Let’s get started on the path to a bright future today!


I am grateful to The School Solution for supporting the work I did with the parents and the client; I truly felt it!

- Wilderness Therapist



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