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Finding the Right School for Troubled Kids

Finding the Right School for Troubled Kids - The School Solution

Finding the Right School for Troubled Kids – The School Solution

Parents know they’re only as happy as their saddest child. If your child has struggled academically, been bullied at school or has faced the challenges of addiction, then you know how heart-wrenching and overwhelming it is when your child is troubled.

You may feel that, since you know your child best, you’re the best person to help him or her face every challenge, including finding a school for troubled kids that can address your child’s needs. But you don’t have to tackle this process alone. An educational consultant like Karen Mabie from The School Solution can guide you and your family through the process of getting the help for your child that will have a profound, lasting impact.

What is a School for Troubled Kids?

Finding the help your child needs can be a long, exhausting process. You may have tried to get help at your child’s school but realized he or she needs a specialized program. A school for troubled kids like a residential treatment center offers teens and young adults a structured program within a therapeutic community that will help children feel appreciated, set goals, learn to take responsibility for their behavior, contribute positively to the community, form healthy relationships and learn productive ways to manage challenges.

Many of these programs run year-round and offer open enrollment as well as a chance for residents to catch up academically. Family workshops and visits are also a key component of residential programs. Read about the critical role families play in teens’ lives.

A school for troubled kids may offer different types of programs or be focused on a particular therapeutic approach. At a clinical residential treatment program, for example, teens and young adults will have individual and group therapy, educational counseling and treatment for addictions. A group residential or apartment-based community focuses on creating a stable and possibly long-term living arrangement but may not offer counseling on-site. You may find that a farm or work-based residential program best suits your child’s needs and interests as this type of program offers hands-on work to help build self-esteem and teach marketable skills in conjunction with providing clinical therapy. Learn more about residential treatment centers.

With so many options available, it’s important to get help navigating the often-overwhelming process of choosing a residential treatment program for your child. Karen Mabie of The School Solution has helped countless families in the more than 10 years she’s worked as an educational consultant. A mother of a teenage son in Illinois shared the following feedback: “Karen is a terrific educational consultant and advisor to help our family find options for my challenged teenager. She has identified key issues, drivers and important resource requirements for my son, with excellent clinical insights.” Another parent remarked that, “All of the treatment centers and schools recommended by Karen have worked out for our family. The child we have now has become strong and gained back her sobriety, her self-esteem, her faith, her courage and her life…There were the many calls we had with her at unbelievably critical and painful moments when her sound psychological counseling and compassion went above and beyond the call of duty.” Sending your child to a school for troubled kids can be frightening, but Karen Mabie will guide you through every step of the process.

The School Solution Difference

As an educational consultant and owner of The School Solution, Karen Mabie visits over 60 schools and programs every year so she can match your child with an environment that’s right for him or her, which is the first step to recovery for your teen and your whole family. Finding a school for troubled kids is a straightforward process when you work with The School Solution.

First, Karen Mabie will do an evaluation to get to know your child’s needs, strengths and weaknesses. She’ll also review your teen’s records, including those from your teen’s teachers and therapists. To help you define your goals, you’ll speak or meet with Karen Mabie after she’s taken a full academic, family and treatment history of your child. The final step of working with an educational consultant is to create a timeline for placing your child in the school for troubled kids that will best address your child’s needs. With many residential treatment programs available, finding the right one for your child can feel overwhelming.

Contact The School Solution for help taking that first, critical step on the path to recovery and healing for your whole family. Don’t second guess whether this is the right choice. Trust your instinct, and contact Karen Mabie with The School Solution, today, to get the process started. Call us at (847) 242-0865 or email at kmabie@theschoolsolution.com.

There is hope. Let The School Solution help you find the answer!

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“Karen’s depth of experience and knowledge of this industry is extremely valuable especially if you have a complicated and “tough to place” child. Karen has helped us enormously with our child’s placements and he is currently doing very well. We are very hopeful about his future. Thank you Karen!” KM

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