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School for Depressed or Suicidal Teens Are Available

School for Depressed or Suicidal Teens Are Available - The School Solution

School for Depressed or Suicidal Teens Are Available – The School Solution

For the parents of a depressed or suicidal teenager, each day is an emotional struggle. You desperately want to help your child, but feel like you’ve tried a thousand ways. It is terrifying and draining to fear for your child’s safety each day, and no parent should face that fear alone.

School for Depressed or Suicidal Teens

When a teenager is spending five days each week at school, it is imperative that their school supports and nurtures their mental health just as much as you do at home. If their school isn’t providing the kind of environment and structure they need, this can make or break their growth.

Finding the right school for a suicidal teenager is as important as finding the right doctor. There are many different structures, services, and environments to choose from when picking out a school. Your child has a unique set of emotional needs that may greatly benefit from a certain school. But how do you find it?

Find the Perfect School for Depressed or Suicidal Teens

Although you want to devote all your energy into finding the right school for your son or daughter, you may lack the resources or time to sift through the hundreds of options that exist. You may have a job, other children, and other obligations that still require your attention.

That’s where an educational consulting firm like The School Solution comes in. An educational consultant’s job is to help you find the right school for your daughter or son. They are knowledgeable about the many schools and treatment facilities around the country, and are uniquely qualified to find children and teens the right place for them. And for The School Solution’s owner, Karen Mabie, it is her mission to personally get acquainted with each and every school she in turn may recommend.

Karen Mabie, who is a professional Education Consultant and board member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association, visits over 60 schools per year in order to evaluate the therapeutic and academic services they offer. She then interviews the family members, teachers, and treating professionals to determine the child’s needs and strengths. Her thorough and passionate work has earned her the designation of “Certified Educational Planner,” the highest level of standards in professional educational consulting.

What to Expect from Placement in a School for Depressed or Suicidal Teens

When a family comes to The School Solution for help, we first set up an introductory meeting or phone call upon completion of the intake form. At this introductory meeting, we strive to gain a better understanding of your child’s individual needs and their depression history and treatment.

After our introductory meeting, it’s time for us to do the leg work. We extensively review all the forms that have been given to us, interviews with your child’s teachers and therapists, and any other information that will better aid our search. After this is completed, we identify and contact schools we think would be best suited for your child’s specific requirements in terms of their needs as a depressed and suicidal teenager. We then present these options and consult with you until you find the right program for your teen.

Residential Schools for Suicidal Teenagers

If your daughter or son is suicidal or severely depressed, a residential program may be the best option for them. Residential treatment programs offer around-the-clock care ensuring the health and safety of your teen at all times.

Therapeutic schools offer open enrollment year-round, and opportunities to catch up academically if need be. Unique academic structure often helps an adolescent who has previously struggled in school. The daily structure of these schools can be rigorous or more laid back, depending on the school, and they are often located in a rural setting. This type of setting allows for outdoor activities and exercise that may greatly benefit your depressed or suicidal teenager.

Getting Help

Sometimes, getting help for yourself is just as important as getting it for your child. Allowing professionals to step in and help you make these big decisions can take an immense weight off you and your family. When it comes to finding the right school for your suicidal teenager, time is of the essence. And you are not alone.

Call The School Solution today at 848-242-0865, or send Karen an email at kmabie@theschoolsolution.com for more information.

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Karen offered us a very professional service which was of great help in finding our son the help he needed.

- Parents of son



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