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Making The Right Choice For Your Child: The School Solution

The process of working with an educational consultant like The School Solution for sending children away from home for therapeutic treatment can be full of thoughts and emotions for all the parents.  Even when all of the decisions have been made and with the help of a team of specialists at the School Solution the process is moving forward for the best possible placement there are still big feelings that come up as the pieces come together.  

“Will this work?” Every parent questions the choices that they make for their children no matter what age hey are. When a teenager or adolescent need treatment every family wants to know if sending them away is the right choice. How do you know if your child is away from home for treatment, that it will it be worth the great emotional and financial cost? There is no clear cut or simple answer, there are many variables: it depends on things such as your child’s diagnosis, a families willingness to make changes in your family and if things are bad enough that getting help is absolutely necessary.

At The School Solution the placement process keeps the focus on the child or young adult going to treatment. We have worked with many families over the years, and sometimes even when parents know that it is definitely the best decision, it can still be a bit heart wrenching, and a shocking, sad, life changing event for everyone. However, it can also be filled with relief and a sense of calm, a sense that maybe this is the change their child needs.

Sending Your Child Away: Is It The Right Choice?

At The School Solution we know from years of experiences with hundreds of families that simply having accredited specialist to talk through the process can help.  Especially someone who knows the ins-an-outs of process and can listen to and support parents as they navigate the treatment program requirements, in addition to telling friends and family, supporting other children at home.  

Although adolescents and teenagers may look very healthy and resilient, their growing brains are extraordinarily vulnerable during this time, and it is up to the parents or guardians who care for them to keep them safe if they can’t. We have discovered that in recent years there has been an alarming increase in the number of student inflicting self-harm and even becoming suicidal.

At The School Solution we take mental health medical withdrawals from school seriously.  There are many things that need to be assessed when deciding if sending your child away is the right choice for them as well as the rest of the family:

  • Do they have a history of unhealthy self-care?
  • Can they wake themselves, do their homework and cope with the social demands or have things gotten too bad?
  • How risky is their behavior?
  • How long have they struggled?
  • Have they missed school or isolated?
  • Have they flunked or lost friendships?
  • Have they quit teams, or other interests?

The School Solution: Helping You Make The Right Choice For Your Child

Here are some testimonials from families who have had help and guidance from The School Solution:

  • “Karen Mabie guided us through a scary stressful time in our son ‘s and our family’s lives, in a soothing, calm, confident way. She has a wealth of knowledge about substance abuse and the resources for treatment—schools, wilderness programs, in-patient rehab programs and after- care facilities all over the country. She found the ideal facility for my son’s recovery. After three previous rehab attempts and numerous stints in sober houses, he is sober.”
  • “Our capable daughter was struggling in Middle School. We had tried neuropsychological testing, tutors and therapy to no avail. What was going on? Clearly she was frustrated. Was it an undiagnosed learning disability? Lack of motivation? We were looking at her attending a public high school the size of a community college with less educational support. Not a good fit for a student who was already struggling. We were concerned that our capable daughter would not graduate from high school when we contacted Karen Mabie of the School Solution. We are so glad we did!
  • Karen guided us through the process of identifying and applying for a boarding school that fit our daughter’s educational, psychological and social needs. Our daughter was very reluctant to leave home to attend high school. Karen spoke to her, identified her motivational interests and matched them to possible schools.

As an educational consultant Karen is qualified to assess children for cognitive, and emotional issues and to plan the appropriate educational and social supports for them. It is her passion to help and support parents in their process and we are here to ensure that every parent has a chance to be supported in this journey through treatment. To find out more about how The School Solution can help you make the right choice for your child call or email us today!


Karen offered us a very professional service which was of great help in finding our son the help he needed.

- Parents of son



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