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Why Hire an Educational Consultant

Why Hire an Educational Consultant - The School Solution

Why Hire an Educational Consultant – The School Solution

You’re a parent who has a struggling teen or pre-teen or young adult son or daughter and despite your best efforts (therapy, academic support at home, interventions with several family members), nothing happens or changes or transforms. And by now you’re exhausted and just about ready to give up. But you shouldn’t. Why hire an educational consultant? Because you haven’t given up and because you know that your loved one deserves a real shot from a professional who really understands how to make a difference.

What does an educational consultant do for families?

First, you should know that when you hire an educational consultant, you are getting thoughtful and personalized service. The educational consultant interviews the family, teachers, and any professional who may be treating your loved one.

The educational consultant wants to develop a rapport with the family and have a deep understanding of the child’s strengths and vulnerabilities – also an answer to why hire an educational consultant. It is impossible to make a recommendation without first understanding the child’s needs and what unique educational model is best for him or her.

How does an educational consultant help families?

This goes back to the “why hire an educational consultant” question. Karen Mabie, the educational consultant at The School Solution, visits over 60 schools and programs every year. She has evaluated each and every one of them to assess what sorts of educational and therapeutic support is available to students.

What different types of schools are possible for placement?

Why hire an educational consultant? Because they know about all the options for you and your family! There are so many unique and exceptional institutions that work to support your child’s specific needs. Here are some to consider:

  • Supportive school: They provide specific support for language-based, social-emotional and other learning differences and disabilities. They are small and have a specific structure and professionals to support the students they serve.
  • Therapeutic schools and treatment centers: They operate year-round with open enrollment and all places include school and, if needed, an opportunity to catch up academically. They also include the family through weekly therapeutic calls, visits, and family workshops. Each place is unique in the population they serve and the specific therapeutic support they provide, the match is critical.
  • Wilderness therapy programs: The wilderness is a healthy, strength-based, intervention where kids are unplugged from their stressful, dysfunctional lives. They eat well, sleep well, exercise every day and have daily group therapy and weekly individual therapy. In addition, it is a good place to get a sober, professional assessment of the student’s learning, social and emotional needs.
  • Addiction treatment: Sophisticated and effective addiction treatment requires time in sobriety with treatment professionals who understand the complexities of addiction and all the pain that is beneath the addiction.
  • Young adult programs: There are programs that focus on launching young adults into a productive and healthy future. Each place has a unique support system and treatment professionals designed to help young adults with specific learning, mental health, addiction, or other issues that are preventing them from becoming independent young adults.
  • Traditional boarding schools: The range of boarding schools is truly impressive. From small and rustic to large and sophisticated, there is a place for everyone. Not every child feels safe and able to grow in a large public school. If you can find the right school, where your child feels valued, true growth can begin.

What parents can expect the process to be like with The School Solution?

We have a 3-step process at The School Solution, which will guide you with the how and why to hire an educational consultant.

Step 1 is straightforward and involves an introduction.

We collect and review full academic, treatment and family history of your child. We’ll also need background – so we’ll ask you to complete our intake form and include school and/or independent evaluations. Then, it’s time for us to chat or meet. During our introductory meeting, we work with families to define and focus our search. That’s the time to share academic development and educational/emotional goals and expectations because the future matters.

Step 2 is the review process.

After we carefully examine all the paperwork and information you provided and interview teachers, therapists or other professionals who can assist us in understanding your child’s unique strengths and weaknesses, we screen, identify and contact the schools and programs we feel will address your specific requirements.

Step 3 is the result!

This is where your child can learn in an academic environment that fits his or her needs and they can start to thrive and continue working towards a productive future.

So why hire an educational consultant and why at The School Solution?

Karen Mabie holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and special education from Vanderbilt University and a Master’s and Specialist degrees in Educational Psychology from National Louis University. She is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist, experienced in evaluating and counseling students with learning, social, emotional and behavioral difficulties. And while her accolades are impressive and some are too long to list, what you can expect from The School Solution is patience, compassion, understanding, and true commitment. We are not here to judge you or your family. We understand each child has unique needs and challenges.

Our staff is so dedicated to ensuring that you have the best fit and that our solutions are working that one of our professionals will stay in touch for at least one year after placement. We want to ensure your family has relief and your child has success. Contact The School Solution today and let’s start this journey together!

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“The most amazing part of Karen is that even when you THINK you know what’s right for your child, she helps you understand why her suggestions are more beneficial. Couldn’t be happier with our two placements through Karen! “ ME

- Couldn’t be happier



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