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Educational Consultants In 2020: The School Solution

2020 has been an interesting transitional year for the whole world, as we work hard to adjust to the ‘New Normal’.  The international pandemic certainly put the brakes on education and educational institutions and significantly altered the way that students will be going to school this year.  As experienced educational consultants, the School Solution has learned how to thrive through many previous changes and challenges in the world of education and Therapeutic Educational Consulting.  Many businesses are continuing to thrive as we following the trends and shift in use of computing and technologies to connect and engage with schools, institutions and clients.

At The School Solution it has helped us greatly that we have such strong relationships with people across the board, including our current students, educations, faculty and staff They have all continued the valiant effort to help coordinate a successful admissions and student program. Despite the setbacks and changes caused by COVID-19, we maintained our main objective of finding solutions and providing students and their families with continued support, advice, guidance and consulting.

Changing Technologies: Connecting Educational Consultants in 2020

Although there are still some in-person meetings being conducted using the standard safety measures of mask wearing and social distancing, the world of educational consulting has largely shifted to more use of computing and the Internet. Most of our School Solution contacts and clients were already using these homebound technologies before the outbreak, including a large reliance on social media. As independent educational consultants in 2020 we anticipate continuing with the usage of electronic components and computing. But this is not necessarily a bad thing. Many businesses are continuing to thrive with the use of video conferencing and the increased flexibility that a home office provides.

The team at The School Solution has years of expertise navigating many different situations that call for a new approach. We continue to help many students and families who are in need of the advocates and educational consultants.  We are uniquely qualified to make assessments and assist with finding solutions; therapeutic programs and institutions to help families manage a cope better in 2020. These days we have accessibility to everything from college counseling software, Emails, Text messages, Video-based advising, online test tools, to Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Education Consultants In 2020: You Can Count On The School Solution

Karen Mabie, Ed.S. NCSP, CEP, runs The School Solution and has been in practice as a Therapeutic Educational Consultant for over 10 years. As a leader she is involved with the Independent Educational Consultants Association, she maintains the highest ethical and professional standards in the profession. She is the instructor for new Therapeutic Consultants at the Summer Training Institute of the IECA.

At The School Solution we are confident in our ability to create a contingency plan to meet any business and industry needs. We’ve survived many challenges before and have been helping families for years. We’ll adapt to the new environment as we have before, and continue to provide valuable insight and advice. It might be delivered differently, it might be structured differently, but you can count on The School Solution to endure.

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Thrilled be be on Faculty at IECA's Summer Training Institute- Welcoming Amazing new Professionals to the field! ... See MoreSee Less

Thrilled be be on Faculty at IECAs Summer Training Institute- Welcoming Amazing new Professionals to the field!
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