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Finding The Best Chicago School Consultant

Finding The Best Chicago School Consultant - The School Solution

Finding The Best Chicago School Consultant – The School Solution

What Is A School Consultant?

As defined by Concordia University-Portland, a school consultant works with “schools and individual families to optimize the progress of all students.” Therefore, a Chicago school consultant would work with families throughout the Chicago school district to find the best program and/or school environment for your child’s specific needs. A lot of struggling students can fall behind due to a number of factors, such as substance abuse, the wrong environment, and failing public schools. Unfortunately, the Chicago school district has faced decades of uncertainty, labor strikes, and falling budgets, and is currently bracing for the closure of four South side high schools this upcoming year. In addition, an increased social awareness of the threat of gun violence in schools has made this a great time of change and stress within this city and the country. This is why it’s crucial to let a school consultant, like Karen Mabie with The School Solution, step in to find the best options for you and your family’s specific needs.

Why Should You Use A Chicago School Consultant When There Is Google?

While it might seem easier to choose a program by searching the internet, it can actually cause more stress than permanent solutions. A Chicago school consultant can help make this process more peaceful and efficient. There are so many changing aspects to any school district, and finding a suitable choice within your budget that also caters to your child’s specific needs is enough to make anyone feel hopelessly overwhelmed. You can see some of the many benefits of utilizing a Chicago school consultant, below.

Benefits Of Using A Chicago School Consultant

  • Knows up-to-date changes within school districts and programs
  • Provides detailed advice and support throughout the whole process
  • Works closely with your family in order to find the best placement
  • Advocates on your behalf instead of the school district
  • Optimizes student benefits based on individual needs
  • Follows up to ensure the program is a right fit for your child
  • And More

Chicago Public Schools Have Become Failing War Zones

This year has shown us all one thing: kids are under even more pressures than ever before. Not only are they dealing with puberty, college applications, and normal social pressures, they now have an increased fear of gun violence and dwindling school budgets. In an interesting article from an online news report, The Illinois Policy, it was revealed that there are currently 21,000 students in Chicago public schools attending schools that are failing. They are significantly behind in basic K-12 education. In addition, failing schools with dwindling budgets don’t have enough for extracurricular programs, let alone specialized AP Courses, substance abuse assistance, or special education. Since having access to quality education predicts how successful you will be later in life, it is even more beneficial to hire an educational consultant to help your child succeed.

Check out how simple the process is with The School Solution, below:

  1. Gather Essential Information: Karen will start the process by gathering school reports, medical and family history, as well as behavior reports and academic history.
  2. Meet & Greet: Karen will set up a meeting at your convenience to discuss your child’s needs and goals.
  3. Compile A List Of Options: This is the key difference between hiring a Chicago school consultant and randomly searching for one. Karen personally vets all of the programs available to ensure that it’s top notch and worth your while.
  4. Follow-Up: You are never stuck in a bad solution as long as you have Karen Mabie as your advocate. She will follow up to make sure your child is successfully adapting to their new school environment. If not, don’t worry. Karen will create more options to choose from until you find the right one. This is the best return investment you can get by hiring a Chicago school consultant.

Contact Karen Mabie by phone or through email, or visit The School Solution today to start finding the best fit for your struggling teen. Connect with The School Solution on Facebook and LinkedIn and sign-up for their blog & newsletter.



Even though we were in a crisis situation, Karen was very enjoyable to work with.

- Parents of son



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