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The Ideal Boarding School Consultant

The Ideal Boarding School Consultant - The School Solution

The Ideal Boarding School Consultant – The School Solution

Have you been looking into boarding school options for your preteen or teen? Maybe you have spent some time sifting through countless program and still feel overwhelmed by the best choice? Boarding schools offer a wonderful alternative to traditional education, especially for teens struggling with substance abuse, bored with the curriculum, or looking for a more specialized prep for college.

Some are closer to home than you think! When it comes to finding the right educational path for your child, it’s best to enlist the professional help of Karen Mabie, the boarding school consultant, with The School Solution!

What is a boarding school consultant?

You may be wondering, what exactly is a boarding school consultant, and how does one help families? A boarding school consultant is basically a person who can advocate for your teen’s unique needs. Each specialist tours and evaluates numerous boarding schools across the country and abroad in order to expertly help your family pick the right fit.

Some of you may be hesitant at the idea of sending your child away for education, or that a boarding school may seem unnecessary. We understand the stigma, and that’s why Karen Mabie is here to help open the door to the potential of a better schooling experience for your child!

How does a boarding school consultant help?

If you have noticed your preteen or teen struggling in school, or instead, seemingly bored with the curriculum, it is time to explore your options for a better schooling situation. Each child needs a supportive environment to grow and develop. Sometimes traditional public schools don’t provide the right fit for your child based on their current aspirations, intellectual progression, or due to a substance abuse issue. This is where boarding schools can be the better choice for a healthier, happier, and more successful life. Learn some benefits of attending boarding schools. As a boarding school certified consultant, Karen Mabie will go through a series of interview steps in order to find a quality placement. You can see how the process works below:

How Does The School Solution Process Work?

  1. Acquire a full academic, treatment, and family history.
  2. Complete intake form.
  3. Prepare an intro meeting to help narrow our search.
  4. Screen all available schools and programs.
  5. Contact chosen programs to ensure they meet your child’s needs.
  6. Finally, help you, the parent, finalize all details.

Learn more about our placement process at The School Solution.

How Does A Boarding School Consultant Help Families?

Applying and choosing a quality boarding school can be daunting. Not only do you have to consider environment, education, and cost, you may not know the best fit for your child’s needs like an educated boarding school consultant. A consultant, like Karen Mabie with The School Solution, evaluates each case and focuses on the specific needs of each family. Finding the perfect fit for your teen is our primary goal!

Different Types of Boarding Schools

  • College Prep Schools
    • College prep schools are geared towards the academically-driven students who wish to prepare for rigors of college life. This can be the key to setting your student apart when applying to competitive college programs! Many of these boarding schools can accommodate to other specifications as well, such as ADD/ADHD and more.
    • All boy/ All girl, Military, Pre-professional arts, Religious boarding schools
  • Junior Boarding Schools
    • These boarding school options are for younger kids, starting in the 5th grade, you would excel in a different learning environment. The search for the right boarding school can begin as early as 7th grade, or even 5th grade for junior boarding schools.
  • Therapeutic Schools
    • If your child is suffering from behavioral or emotional issues that make it difficult to prosper in a traditional school setting, a specialized, therapeutic boarding school may be just the ticket. Kids who are also struggling with substance abuse or labeled as “troubled” can find a proper program to combat those issues.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of boarding school options, ranging from small and quaint to large and sophisticated. Learn more about the different types of boarding schools and see lists of ones across the U.S.

A New Hope

When it comes to finding the right choice in your child’s specialized education, help is closer than you think. Above anything else, a boarding school consultant is an advocate for your family. You can rest assured that you are in good hands with Karen Mabie at The School Solution. Don’t sift through countless programs by yourself. Call us today at (847) 242-0865 or email Karen at kmabie@theschoolsolution.com for the specialized plan to help your child succeed.


I have known and worked with Karen for many years and have found her to be a dedicated and insightful professional. Her integrity and ethics are evident in her efforts to help families find the right fit for their child.

- Brad Matheson, Admissions/Partner Wingate Wilderness



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