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Autism Spectrum Schools with The School Solution

Autism Spectrum Schools with The School Solution - The School Solution

Autism Spectrum Schools with The School Solution – The School Solution

Parenting can be complicated, but what you want for your children is simple: to be happy and healthy. If you have a child on the autism spectrum, then you know ensuring that your child is happy in his or her environment and is emotionally healthy can be challenging. Some towns and public schools do not have the availability of resources that children on the autism spectrum need, so you then have to cobble together your own team of therapists or support services, which can be an exhausting, frustrating process. Karen Mabie of The School Solution, an educational consulting practice, is here to help you search autism spectrum schools until you find a place where your child gets the necessary support to be both happy and healthy.

Karen Mabie has worked as an educational consultant for over 10 years and visits at least 60 schools and programs every year. Through her work, she and her staff have spent time with many families whose children are on the autism spectrum, so she understands the variety of needs your child may have and is familiar with the types of environments where your child can thrive. The growing number of autism spectrum schools means the staff at The School Solution have many options to offer you so you can find the best fit for your child and his or her particular needs.

The process of working with an educational consultant like Karen Mabie is straightforward. She starts with an evaluation to identify your child’s strengths and challenges and takes a full academic, treatment and family history of your child. You will then meet with Karen or talk with her on the phone to define and focus your search and to provide her with more information about your child’s physical, social and emotional goals. Finally, the staff at The School Solution will create a timeline for the placement process based on you and your child’s needs.

At The School Solution, we perform a thorough review of all records, including interviews with teachers and therapists to help us understand each child’s strengths and particular challenges. Because we visit so many schools and programs, we can match each child with a school or program that works best for him or her. Learn more about resources for autism in your area.

When Karen Mabie visits schools, she looks for a wide variety of available services, ready access to clinical and medical care as well as recreational activities, which give children with autism important opportunities to practice their social skills, to increase their self-confidence, to build their physical strength and to connect with their peers. As you learn more about the available autism spectrum schools, such as the Bluegrass Center for Autism in Kentucky or Minnesota’s Lionsgate Academy, look at the student-to-teacher ratio to ensure your child will get the individualized attention he or she needs. The best school for your child is one that addresses his or her academic, social and emotional needs to help your child become confident and successful. Learn more about autism advocacy and related resources from the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network.

With many years of experience, Karen Mabie and the staff at The School Solution also know that seeing the various autism spectrum schools in person tells us more than any Internet search can; we get a feel for the environment and culture, so we can better match your child to an environment that fits. When you contact The School Solution, you can be certain we will find the right place for your child to be a happy, healthy and valued member of society.



“The most amazing part of Karen is that even when you THINK you know what’s right for your child, she helps you understand why her suggestions are more beneficial. Couldn’t be happier with our two placements through Karen! “ ME

- Couldn’t be happier



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