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The Best Autism Spectrum Schools

The Best Autism Spectrum Schools - The School Solution

The Best Autism Spectrum Schools – The School Solution

Even though there are federal laws ensuring all students, including those on the autism spectrum, are entitled to public education, it doesn’t ensure they will receive the best available given the limited resources designated to each program.

This can leave your child unhappy and you feeling overwhelmed with wanting to provide a better education and countless programs to sort through. This is where Karen Mabie with The School Solution can help.

How Do Educational Consultants Help Children with Special Needs?

At The School Solution, we understand how frustrating and unsettling this can be for you and your child. Our Educational Consultant, Karen Mabie, helps your family by evaluating your child’s unique needs, creating tailored programs, and matching them with the best autism spectrum schools.

Each student needs the proper environment and resources in order to succeed, and Karen Mabie, with The School Solution, is here to make that happen! Education consultants act as a representative of the family and tailor specific plans based on each family’s needs. Whether you have questions on schools available in your state, private schools, financial aid issues, or medical concerns, Karen Mabie can help you through the whole process.

Why Should You Choose An Autism Spectrum School?

It’s important to remember that you are not alone at this challenging time. There are plenty of families struggling to find a better learning environment and therapeutic programs for their autism spectrum child. According to NPR the pros and cons of specialized autism spectrum schools are many. One parent found her son blossom under the challenging, yet safe school environment designed for autistic children.

Specialized schools such as these offer crucial training such as sensory regulation skills and social cognition, so students can grow to have meaningful relationships and life skills. In addition, a lot of programs are open enrollment year-round, so your child doesn’t fall behind. This is simply not available in most public-school systems which is why there is a need for an educational consultant to help pair appropriate schools and programs based on a child’s social, emotional and academic needs.

A Few Examples of Autism Spectrum Schools:

  • Preschool Early Intervention programs to start a healthy foundation for your pre-K child.
  • Comprehensive Spectrum Schools that focus on 5-21yr olds.
  • Autism Spectrum Stem Schools aimed to promote your children interested in math and science within a sensory safe environment.
  • And More.

Learn more about the different types of autism spectrum schools, legislation protecting your child, and more as listed by the online resource, The Best Schools. Just remember, having a qualified educational consultant can help you sort through this type of information and tailor it to your specific concerns.

The School Solution: The Answer for Autism Spectrum Schools

The process for finding an autism spectrum school is easier than you think, thanks to the help of The School Solution. Take a look at how it works below!

  1. Gather data: The more we know the better prepared we are to help you find a school. This includes school evaluations, family history, academic documentation, treatment records, etc.
  2. Meet and Discuss a Game Plan: Once all the information has been analyzed, you will schedule a meeting—at your convenience—to discuss goals, struggles and desires for your child’s needs.
  3. Process and Find a Solution: After the meeting, Karen Mabie will assess and analyze all the information and create a list of the best autism spectrum schools that would be a great fit for your child.
  4. Beyond: Karen’s help doesn’t end here. She will follow-up to ensure your child is adapting well. If for some reason the new school isn’t working, Karen will reevaluate and create a better alternative.

Learn more about the process from The School Solution.

Remember, an educational consultant, such as Karen Mabie, represents you and your family’s needs—not the needs of an institution. Furthermore, she is constantly researching and personally visiting programs around the country to find quality and financially feasible options. You can rest assured you are in good hands with The School Solution.

Start Your Journey To A Brighter Future, Today

Don’t continue to struggle with your current school system. Your child is capable of so much more, and the educational consultant, Karen Mabie, is here to help. Contact Karen Mabie with The School Solution at (847) 242-0865 or email kmabie@theschoolsolution.com to find the best autism spectrum school for your child, today.

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Karen offered us a very professional service which was of great help in finding our son the help he needed.

- Parents of son



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