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There are Alternatives to Military School

There are Alternatives to Military School - The School Solution

There are Alternatives to Military School – The School Solution

Are you struggling to get through to your troubled or struggling teen? Maybe you are feeling hopeless and considering an intense military school as a last resort? While there are many benefits of sending your child to these types of programs, military specific schools may not be the best option for every child. There is hope in other, alternative therapy programs and even different schools within your area.

Let Karen Mabie with The School Solution help you find better alternatives to military school.

What Exactly Is A Military Boarding School?

There are several different programs with a military-based curriculum, ranging from summer sessions to rigorous college prep schools. Like other private schools, military boarding schools incorporates a mix of academic, athletic, and other programs. The difference is that most private, religious-based boarding schools require mandatory religious credits; on the other hand, military programs have mandatory military training courses.

These programs are aimed to provide structure, promote team work, and build self-discipline to “whip your children into shape.” While these boarding schools can be a good option for some, there are plenty of alternative military school options that may be a better fit for your child.

This is where Karen Mabie with The School Solution can help!

How Karen Mabie Can Help Your Family Now

The School Solution is an educational consultant program where a skilled expert can help find the appropriate treatment or education program for your struggling youth. Consultants, such as the company’s founder, Karen Mabie, thoroughly research every program and work with your family to address your child’s specific needs. A consultant goes farther than school counselors and other administrators because they are the family’s advocate throughout the entire process. Learn more about the programs facts.

How Does The School Solution Pinpoint What Program Is Best?

  • Gather the full academic, medical, and therapeutic history and evaluations of your child:
    • Discuss goals, expectations, and assess other needs.
  • Review records, and start identifying programs based on familial needs:
    • How does distance, finance, and the issues affect your choice?
  • Evaluate the progress of your child at different intervals to ensure this program is making a positive change in your child’s life:
    • Karen Mabie will follow-up with you, and make arrangements for a different school if necessary.

As you can see, Karen Mabie will gather all your child’s information and provide you with several opportunities in order to find the best fit for your family. Read testimonials from families, fellow physicians, and more who’ve utilized Karen Mabie’s services.

Help Is Closer Than You Think

Remember, you are not alone in this challenging time. Plenty of parents struggle at times to find the best way to help their children. This is why we want to remind you the benefits of hiring an educational consultant. It can seem overwhelming to sort through pamphlets and websites of different programs to find a suitable option. An educational consultant can ease the process and find the best solution.

We understand you are at your wit’s end with what to do about your struggling child. Let us remind you that subtle changes such as environment, education alternatives, and other therapies could be better alternatives to military school. While military boarding schools rely on old fashion discipline and structure, other programs and schools focus on emotional difficulties, addictions, and other specified issues. Some of these options include Wilderness Therapy, supportive schools, addiction treatment centers, and traditional boarding schools. You can learn more about them below:

Alternative Educational Options for Struggling Teens

  • Wilderness Therapy: New research has shown that working within nature-based programs can help develop life skills, create more balance, and help find more meaning in your child’s lives. Learn more about wilderness therapy.
  • Treatment Centers: If your child is struggling with addiction, typical schools won’t be able to cater to their needs and help rehabilitate them properly. This is where treatment centers or specific schools that offer treatment programs allow your child to not fall behind academically while receiving therapy.
  • Traditional Boarding Schools: Maybe it’s not an addiction, but rather, your child isn’t being pushed enough, or is not in a healthy environment.

Contact The School Solution Today!

Now that you know a little more about the alternatives to military school, let Karen Mabie with The School Solution help evaluate and find the best option for you and your family. Remember, an educational consultant works for you, and the start to a better life is only a phone call away.

Call us today at (847) 242-0865, or email at kmabie@theschoolsolution.com


Our capable daughter was struggling in Middle School. We had tried neuropsychological testing, tutors and therapy to no avail. What was going on? Clearly she was frustrated.

- Boarding school parent



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