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Alternative to Military Schools

Alternative to Military Schools - The School Solution

Alternative to Military Schools – The School Solution

In movies and on TV the military is often depicted as a noble pursuit that instills discipline and respect in its members. Many families have a long-standing tradition of military service and may expect their children to start their training as early as high school.

While military boarding schools instill a sense of discipline and respect, there is an alternative to military schools that teach many of the same lessons. Teens and preteens who are struggling in school and fighting against their parents’ rules may need help that a traditional school setting can’t offer. Educational consultant Karen Mabie has worked with many families who’ve faced the same struggles, and she understands that an alternative to military schools may be the best fit for some teens.

What is a Military Boarding School?

In addition to teaching traditional academic subjects, military boarding schools focus on team work, self-discipline and structure as well as military history and culture. These schools are similar in many ways to other schools with a specialized focus such as religion or technology. Class sizes are small, normally about 15 students per class, and there are a variety of athletic and extracurricular programs, as well. Culver Academy in Indiana is a great example of a traditional military boarding school.

The depiction of the military in popular culture — a combination of structure, camaraderie and drive — can be appealing to people who may lack direction and are looking to significantly change their lives. For parents with teens or preteens who are struggling with discipline and who are disengaged at school, the skills that students learn at a military boarding school may be appealing though the environment itself may not be.

Some teens may be dealing with learning differences or emotional issues that a military boarding school won’t adequately address. Finding an alternative to military schools may be the answer for these teens and their families. In fact, some research shows that reward-based strategies are more effective than punishment-based ones.

Finding the Right School

Working with an educational consultant like Karen Mabie, founder of The School Solution, may be exactly what you and your teen need to get back on track. With over 10 years’ experience, Karen Mabie visits approximately 60 schools every year, so she’s skilled at finding the best alternative to military schools for your teen.

The School Solution works with boarding schools that offer various levels of support for students with learning differences and social-emotional challenges. While some schools have a more therapeutic approach, including those with wilderness programs, each one offers traditional academic classes, teaches life skills and offers a dependable structure. The alternatives to military schools may use different methods than traditional military boarding schools, but the resultant self-discipline and confidence are the same. Read more about the importance of creating a productive, structured environment for your teen.

When working with families to find the right school for their teen, Karen Mabie and The School Solution team follow a careful process. Because she travels to approximately 60 schools per year, Karen Mabie gets to know the environment at each school and can match your child to one of the many alternatives to military schools she visits. When you work with Karen Mabie, her first step is to get to know your child and his or her needs by doing an evaluation of your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

The team at The School Solution will then review your teen’s records, including those from your teen’s teachers and therapists. After taking a full academic, family and treatment history of your teen, Karen Mabie will talk with you either in person or on the phone to better understand your family’s needs and will gather more information about your teen’s physical, emotional and social goals. The final step of working with an educational consultant is to create a timeline for placing your child in an alternative to a military school.

With many specialized boarding schools available, finding the right one for your child can feel overwhelming. Contact Karen Mabie and the team at The School Solution to get the guidance you and your teen need to find a place that feels like home.

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Karen offered us a very professional service which was of great help in finding our son the help he needed.

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