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Addiction Treatment For Teens With The School Solution

The effects of addictions in teens on school and academic performance can be devastating. A teen that is abusing substances takes risks that lead to school absences, missed assignments, poor overall grades and risky, dangerous behavior. The School Solution has been successfully helping families find addiction treatment for their troubled teens for many years. Karen Mabie, who is a certified educational consultant, owns the School Solution and is trained and qualified to fully assess your child’s academic, social, and emotional needs. High school is at the very center of social and academic growth for teens. A significant part of adolescence revolves around school; therefore with good support and well-chosen treatment services, teens dealing with substance use issues can still find a path for academic success.

Karen Mabie and The School Solution have helped hundreds of families find the best possible placement for students with addictions and co-occurring disorders. What sets u from the rest is that we work on behalf of students and their families—not for the schools, facilities or institutions. We also have a very specific and thorough understanding of the treatment process and the major differences between therapeutic boarding schools and addiction treatment centers. We are well versed in the requirements for family involvement at the different levels of treatment in addition to the subtle nuances between different programs, models and levels of care.

If your teenager is facing expulsion because of substances abuse or addiction, you may need to consider a different educational path. Once you make this choice, you have several options, as there are numerous treatment programs tailored to help teens (and their parents) get clean and recover from teenage drug addiction. In our decades of experience helping families find the right placement for addicted teens, The School Solution can find programs that can address teen addiction rehab, ongoing recovery and building a healthier home environment for the whole family.

Placement for Teens With Addictions: The School Solution

There are many choices available through The School Solution to support a range of social, emotional, clinical as well as learning needs for addicted teens. The key is finding the place with the appropriate treatment and support for your child or young adult. Addiction Treatment Centers and Therapeutic Schools are unique in the population they serve and the specific therapeutic support they provide, this is why getting the best match is crucial.

The School Solution has a comprehensive approach to placement, which is why Karen visits more than 60 schools and programs every year and personally evaluates each one to assess the specific therapeutic and educational supports they provide.  Karen’s specialty is in using her years of expertise and relationships in the field to find the best possible placement for your addicted teen in either therapeutic boarding schools or residential treatment centers.

There is not necessarily a definitive difference between therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers, but rather there are a spectrum of programs; from highly clinical residential treatment centers to less structured therapeutic boarding schools with the majority falling somewhere in the middle To meet the needs of teens in treatment, many teen drug rehab clinics offer some form of academic support. Inpatient rehab is a more intense form of therapy and the type of treatment that requires the teens to live in the drug rehab school or treatment facility during their program. Many programs last a few months and provide support when transitioning back home.

The School Solution has the professional expertise to help you make wise, well-informed decisions that can positively affect your teen’s future at this crucial time. Helping your family find the best option for your addicted teen is our mission. With years of experience in placement, our goal is to find the best match for addiction treatment, and helping students to put their addictions far behind them so they can start a bright new future.

No matter where you are in this very overwhelming process, you can always call, and visit and let us help you prepare the best plan of action. Call us today at (847) 242-0865, or email Karen Mabie to get started on a journey back home.


Even though we were in a crisis situation, Karen was very enjoyable to work with.

- Parents of son



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