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Addiction Treatment For Students: Getting In To The Best Therapeutic Schools Or Treatment Centers With The School Solution

Addiction Treatment

The School Solution helps students and families find addiction treatment centers for their troubled teens. The School Solution is owned by Karen Mabie, who is a certified educational consultant. Karen is trained and qualified to fully assess your child’s academic, social, and emotional needs.

Addiction Treatment Centers and Therapeutic Schools are unique in the population they serve and the specific therapeutic support they provide, this is why getting the best match is crucial. The School Solution has a comprehensive approach to placement, which is why Karen visits more than 60 schools and programs every year and personally evaluates each one to assess the specific therapeutic and educational supports they provide.  Karen’s specialty is in using her years of expertise and relationships in the field to find the best possible placement for your child.

Treatment Center

Compared to their predecessors teens and young adults today are spending less time personally connecting with their peers and friends and more time on phones using digital media like social media, texting and gaming. This is a societal shift that has influenced the lives of today’s teens and young adults more than any other generation; in fact, it has drastically restructured their daily lives. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health shows a drastic increase in teen hospital admissions for suicidal thoughts and attempts, drug and alcohol overdoses and other behaviors related to depression and self-harm like cutting. Clearly, the rise in mental health issues and addictions among teens and young adults deserves attention.

Karen has helped hundreds of families find the best possible placement for students with addictions and co-occurring disorders. What sets her apart from the rest is that she works on behalf of students and their families—not for the schools or facilities or institutions. She also has a very specific and thorough understanding of the treatment process and the major differences between therapeutic boarding schools and addiction treatment centers. She is well versed in the requirements for family involvement at the different levels of treatment in addition to the subtle nuances between different programs, models and levels of care.

Addiction: Getting Placed In The Best School Or Treatment Facility

Where should your child go, to a ‘Therapeutic School’ or into an  “Addiction Treatment Center?”

There are many choices available through The School Solution to support a range of social, emotional, clinical as well as learning needs. The key is finding the place with the appropriate treatment and support for your child or young adult.

There is not necessarily a definitive difference between therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers, but rather there are a spectrum of programs; from highly clinical residential treatment centers to less structured therapeutic boarding schools with the majority falling somewhere in the middle.

Some students will clearly be in need of the sense of security, safety and potentially detoxing, that an addiction treatment facility can provide. Finding the right match means placement in an optimum environment where teens feel psychologically, emotionally and physically safe and therefore available to heal, grow and complete their studies. 

Effective addiction treatment requires time in sobriety with professional treatment. There are some amazing residential options for adolescents and young adults fighting addiction. The School Solution goal is to find both the best short-term intervention and assessment programs for each family, and then the right aftercare program. It is critical to find the right place and give enough time so they can learn who they are; as a person, a friend and a family member without substances.

As part of the process and to help your child on a journey of recovery there are things to discuss, such as:

  • Assessment: assessing needs and diagnosing the level of addiction to help you find the treatment center that is most appropriate. Different treatments are better for different levels of substance abuse and addiction, and some treatments vary in their methods used as well as in the length of treatment. We perform a thorough review of all records, including interviewing teachers, therapists or other professionals who can assist us in understanding your child’s unique strengths and weaknesses. We then screen, identify and contact the schools and programs we feel will address your specific requirements. We discuss your child’s physical, social and academic development. You and, if appropriate, your child will share your educational, social and emotional goals and expectations for the future. Finally, we outline an appropriate timeline for the placement process to suit your individual needs.
  • Location: Teen and young adult specific facilities are spread throughout the country and available in just about every state. Some families may want treatment close to home, while others may find it more beneficial to change scenery completely and attend a facility far from home.

The School Solution has the professional expertise to help you make wise, well-informed decisions that can positively affect your teen’s future at this crucial time. You can take care in knowing that Karen Mabie is affiliated with the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA). IECA members can be trusted to work with your family, address your child’s needs, and help find a proper solution and program. Karen Mabie also has many professional affiliations and memberships–such as Learning Disabilities Association, National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs, and many more.

Helping your family find the best option for your child is our mission. With years of experience in placement, our goal is to find the best match for addiction treatment, and helping students to put their addictions far behind them so they can start a bright new future.

No matter where you are in this very overwhelming process, you can always call, and visit and let us help you prepare the best plan of action.

Call us today at (847) 242-0865, or email Karen Mabie: kmabie@theschoolsolution.com to get started on a journey back home.


Through the course of my life I have been asked to write recommendations on behalf of employees, students and business professionals. I don’t need to be asked to write on behalf of someone like Karen Mabie who stepped into our lives and saved the life of our daughter.

- Parent of a daughter



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