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The School Solution: Comprehensive Full Spectrum Services

The School Solution: Comprehensive Educational Services The School Solution is the educational consulting practice owned by Karen Mabie. An Educational Consultant is an expert in finding the appropriate fit between a student and a school or program. Consultants have the professional background to fully assess a child’s academic, social and emotional needs and match them…


The School Solution Newsletter – Summer 2017 Addiction

Addiction? So many families are concerned: Is my child (or young adult) an addict? Do they really need treatment? Is it “bad” enough? My answer is, almost always, I don’t know, and we do not have to wait until we know. Instead, I want to know; what are the harmful consequences? Has your child missed…


The School Solution Newsletter – Spring 2016 Success in Educational Consulting

Success? “Will this work?” Every parent’s question. Every family wants to know if they send their child away for treatment, often for a year or more, will it be worth the great emotional and financial cost? My answer is usually; it depends. It depends on your child’s diagnosis, on your willingness to make changes in…


The School Solution Newsletter – Spring 2015 Therapeutic Wilderness

Trauma and Healing In all the  conferences I attend there is discussion about trauma as a causal factor in mental illness and addiction. The  evidence of the long- lasting effects of childhood trauma from the ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Study and the research in trauma and addiction reinforce the critical importance of discovering and treating…


The School Solution Newsletter – Fall 2014 Marijuana and Psychosis in Teens

Towson University’s Geoscience Educational Opportunities for Careers (GEO Careers) received the grant to help meet the need for geoscientists.

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