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Best Practices in Program/Consultant Collaboration
Understanding and Supporting families through the Trauma of Placement

Independent Educational Consultants Association
The Impact of Learning Disabilities on Therapeutic Interventions

IECA Summer Training Institute 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
Essentials of Advising Clients with Special Needs
Intake and Assessment for Therapeutic Consultants
Evaluating Therapeutic Programs
Therapeutic professional practice 101
Therapeutic intake and assessment
Touring Programs and schools
Understanding therapeutic consulting for college consultants
Consultant as case manager
An introduction to collaborative practice
Best Practices in Clinical Collaboration between Programs and Consultants
Understanding Therapeutic Placement needs for College Consultants

Professional Seminar
Therapeutic Wilderness as the Ultimate Diagnostic Tool 2013 and 2014

National Association of Therapeutic Wilderness Camps
Keynote: The Role of the Educational Consultant in Wilderness Placement

National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs
Arizona 2011
Complicated Cases with Multiple Placements
The Impact of Learning Disabilities on Therapeutic Interventions
San Antonio 2019

Independent Educational Consultant Association
Toronto 2010
Therapeutic Case Studies

Rush Neurobehavioral Clinic, Staff 2006
Educational and Therapeutic Boarding Placements

Rush Neurobehavioral Clinic, Parent Support Group 2003

National-Louis Univ., M.A.T. Class 2002
Nonverbal Learning Disabilities and Asperger Syndrome – Assessment, intervention, support and dual diagnoses
Parenting Strategies for NVLD and AS adolescents

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  As a child and adolescent psychotherapist, I have sought Karen’s guidance on a number of my more challenging cases over the years. When outpatient treatment reaches a standstill and/or the child or teen has engaged in self-destructive behaviors (e.g., drug or alcohol abuse; school refusal or failure; suicidal ideation or gestures, et al) Karen…

- John Palen, Ph.D., LCSW



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